Coaching Skills for Managers

This coaching skills for managers training course is essential management training. So often they aren't taught, it teaches the concepts, benefits and practice of coaching skills. Manage others with confidence an work smarter with others using coaching skills proven to work.


Too many are promoted to management positions without being given the skills to manage.  Coaching skills are the foundation of good management. We'll teach you the principles and practice of bringing out the best in others using essential professional coaching practice.

  • Coaching IS essential management training
  • Learn the methodology and practice of coaching skills
  • Understand how executive (EQ) coaching works for personal effectiveness, communication & relationships
  • Learn a range of simple techniques for enabling the ‘coach’ within you 
  • Learn the 3 coaching fundamentals - the relationship, listening skills & questioning techniques with nuanced language 
  • Function at a higher level by using an emotionally intelligent coaching approach


£Millions are spent annually on coaching in the UK. Why?

Executive coaching powerfully accelerates personal growth, addressing the growing need for more effective leaders and communicators through raising self-regard, awareness and responsibility.

80% of people leave bosses not their organisations, so managing others well is truly vital in promoting an organisation's effectiveness.

We offer the very best in executive coaching. In our workshops, you’ll learn the practical skills and rudiments of coaching that will bring benefits to both your work and personal life. Using key coaching models, CIGAR and TGROW you'll practice the three key coaching elements; building rapport, listening techniques and empowering others through questioning skills. 

This is a fun, action-oriented approach emphasising planning skills using SMARTEST goals and developing preferred communication styles.



This workshop is designed to run over two days

Who should attend?

Everyone seeking to understand and practice empowerment through coaching

How many people can attend?

6 to 40 people

Shorter sessions

An ‘Introduction to coaching‘ seminar is also available (½ day)