Test & Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Test your Emotional Intelligence. Reveal your untapped potential. Explore specialist EQ coaching to develop skills and behaviours that bring success. Uncover what's been holding you back.

Recruit the right people

Do you know the skills that really drive performance?

  • Find the EQ competencies that both drive and inhibit top performance in key roles
  • Identify which employees are best suited for specific roles
  • Gain significant reductions in recruitment and training costs
  • Reduce attrition rates and build employee engagement
  • Recruit efficiently with a profound understanding of your desired candidate skills' metrics
  • Target and effectively develop the key skills that are shown to matter most

Develop the right skills

We profile the skills that make your star performers perform well and compare them to lower performers. We can then explore these differences enabling efficient recruitment, a deep understanding of your skills metrics and the ability to hone in on and develop these skills in others.

Identify the hidden costs

80% of people leave bad managers not their organisations

The more senior a role the more damaging low EQ is within an organisation. Low EQ managers are a widespread issue. EQ profiling and coaching programmes can reduce both the direct and indirect financial costs of low performers.

And yet how often we've heard "yes I know X is not great with people but s/he gets results".
Results at what cost?

  • Lost creative energy
  • Employees less likely to risk their best
  • The inefficiency of lost hours of miscommunication
  • The lack of business agility and lower engagement with staff, suppliers, customers
  • The effect on morale or the loss of key people, their skills and the loss of this investment
  • The lack of cross fertilisation across the business as person X doesn't share too well or person Y doesn't see the bigger picture too clearly...

Low EQ bosses limit 'potential' and can cost you dearly.

Test Emotional Intelligence


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