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Why Emotional Intelligence?

Developing our Emotional Intelligence (EI /EQ) increases personal performance by allowing emotions to work for us. This means having the ability to be aware of, discern between, accept, manage & express emotions appropriately.  These abilities are the seeds of happiness, wellbeing, great communication & rewarding relationships.  This is true leadership.

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EQ services we offer

We’ll motivate, train & coach you to succeed using the skills that matter


Motivational Speaker

 Inspire, educate & entertain audiences through Philip’s highly engaging and motivational talks

Emotional Intelligence Training

Embed the skills that develop high performers; essential for leadership, resilience & relationships, they create positive, productive cultures. See our public & in-house training below


Executive Coaching

Transform your leadership skills with executive coaching based on profound EQ testing. Access valuable insights & resources

 When coaching & training is this insightful & fun, it’s powerful

In-house EQ training courses

Let us tailor our emotionally intelligent courses to perfectly meet your in-house (July 2020 earliest only*) & online webinar needs

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

You will learn & develop:

  • Positive behaviours & beliefs
  • Key ways to build EQ skills
  • Your EQ strengths & needs
  • Your emotions to adapt & succeed
    Available as workshops & online webinars

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Resilience Training

Resilience Training

You will learn & develop:

  • The 6 Pillars of Resilience
  • A stress-busting toolkit
  • Resilience tips & techniques
  • Ways to manage others’ stress
    Available as workshops & online webinars

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Goal Setting Training

Goal Setting Training

You will learn about & develop:

  • The power of self-motivation
  • Techniques to plan effectively
  • Inner & external resources
  • Positive habits & the mind-set of success

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Leadership Training

Leadership Training

You will learn about & develop:

  • Effective team dynamics & cultures
  • Emotionally intelligent leadership skills
  • Your unique leadership style & strengths
  • Using executive coaching based on EQ

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Public EQ Training

*Covid19 update: Inspiring online webinars booking now & public training courses for future London, UK events. Ask us how we bring exceptional online webinars to desktops Worldwide.

  • EQ Training

    Sep 22nd

    Emotional Intelligence Online Webinar

    EQ Online webinar – read more

    • Learn about EI / EQ
    • Be Inspired, motivated
    • Explore emotional intelligence skills
    • Learn a powerful EI model
    • Learn how EQ builds success
    • Much more

    Time: 09.00-11:00 UK Time (British Summer Time). Location: Online webinar. Pre-course questionnaire, user guide included. EQ Test available (as optional extra) on request.


    £45 + VAT pp
  • EQ Training

    Oct 20th

    Emotional Intelligence Training Course London, UK

    More on EI / EQ Training

    • Learn the power of emotions
    • Explore & build EI / EQ skills
    • Use powerful model for life
    • Learn how to influence others
    • Learn why EQ not IQ builds success
    • Much more

    Time: 09.00-16:00 UK Time (British summer Time) Location: London, UK (*subject to Covid19) Includes: FREE comprehensive EQ TEST (EQ-i 2.0), analysis, pre-course assessment & user guide. * Course subject to lockdown (100% refundable to 3 days before).

    £290 + VAT pp
  • Resilience

    Sep 22nd

    Resilience Training Online Webinar – LIVE Course

    More about Online Resilience Webinar

    • Understand resilience & coping
    • Learn A-Z of stress management
    • Build a stress-busting toolkit fast
    • Learn The 6 Pillars of Resilience
    • Much more

    Timing: 14.00-16:00 UK time (British Summer Time)

    Location: Wherever you like (online webinar). Pre-course questionnaire, inspiration, user guide included. Resilience / Coping questionnaires available (as optional extra)

    £45 + VAT pp


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Founder of EQworks, Philip Gimmack
EQworks Founder, Philip Gimmack

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We are experts at understanding the critical skills that unlock success for people & their teams. Let us help you uncover & develop these essential EQ skills to boost your performance & success. Discover that EQ works.