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Lead and Succeed with Emotional Intelligence

Transform your leadership teams, relationships, resilience and cultures


Emotional Intelligence Services We Offer

We’ll motivate, train and coach you to succeed using essential EQ skills, because EQ works


Motivational Speaker

 Inspire, educate and entertain audiences through Philip’s highly engaging and motivational talks (webinars) on Emotional intelligence and Leadership


Emotional Intelligence Training

Embed EQ skills to develop high performers; essential for leadership, resilience and relationships. Create positive, productive cultures; through public or in-house training


Leadership Coaching and Testing

Transform yourself and your teams with leadership coaching and profound EQ testing; revealing profound insights and resources for executives & c-suites.

Live Emotional Intelligence Webinars For All



How Emotional Intelligence Builds Leadership

Developing Emotional Intelligence skills (EI /EQ) increases our personal performance by allowing emotions to work for us.  More emotionally aware, we can better discern between, accept, manage and express emotions more appropriately. This leads to happier, healthier lives, workplaces, better communication and rewarding relationships.
This is true leadership.
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Leadership Coaching and Training that’s insightful and fun for teams and cultures

Specialists in training, testing and coaching leaders to succeed

We build emotionally intelligent programmes to perfectly meet your needs

Key elements are listed below

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Training

Learn and develop:

  • What EQ is and how to build it
  • The EQ model of leadership
  • Positive behaviours and beliefs
  • Emotional skills to adapt and succeed

Available as webinars & workshops

Resilience Training

EQ Testing and Analysis

Learn and develop;

  • EQ strengths and blind-spots
  • Just the skills needed
  • EQ skills perfectly matched to roles
  • Over time, across teams, aligned to goals

Available for people & teams

Goal Setting Training

Leadership Coaching

Learn about and develop:

  • Your personal power and motivation
  • Winning relationships & leadership skills
  • Resilience and better ways to cope
  • Positive habits and the mindset to succeed
Leadership Training

Leadership Programmes

Learn about and develop:

  • Effective team dynamics and cultures
  • Emotionally intelligent leadership skills
  • Leadership style, strengths & cultures
  • High performing strategic leadership

We work with…

What they say

“I sent one of my staff on your Emotional Intelligence training course. Before attending he was a little cold, uncaring. He believed work was there to be done, with little focus on people. Immediately after the course, something clearly had just clicked. It was remarkable, a reformed character.“ 

Clayton Smith

Head of Transformation, Land registry

“I could not put a price on this leadership coaching programme, but would say that the skills I’ve developed mean I have improved my delivery… There is no question that NBS has got a great ROI from me by undertaking this…This has definitely made a big impact. I now feel more resilient and have ways of approaching conflicting situations”

Richard Turner

Programme Director, Nationwide Building Society

Founder of EQworks, Philip Gimmack
EQworks Founder, Philip Gimmack

Expert Coaches

What’s an expert leadership coach? Someone who understands and facilitates critical people skills and has the corporate experience and business acumen to guide you and your teams to success.  Let us show you how these essential EQ skills can work for you.

Discover that EQ works.