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Emotional Intelligence Testing

Testing, measuring and analysing your emotional intelligence skills – can change your life.

Testing EQ is like using an x-ray to reveal your potential. It’s particularly profound at work in unleashing significant performance improvements for leaders and their teams.

What emotional intelligence testing works for

Leadership Coaching

Identify your strengths and weaknesses fast. Powerfully lead, engage and develop.

Assessing Skills

Identify and measure the precise skills needed to create success for people and their teams.

Designing Programmes

Create efficient leadership programmes that work brilliantly, as they’re based on science, not hunches.

Align work competencies

Understand and build the right competencies and frameworks proven to perform for a given role.

High Performers

Spot and more effectively recruit, train and promote the best people based on a proven range of EQ scores

We offer the most comprehensive and in-depth EQ testing found anywhere on the web as we’re certified to test both overall and detailed social EQ. Very few cover both.

Certified EQ-i Assessor

EQ Testing

Quickly reveal you and your team’s 15 areas of overall emotional intelligence using the world’s leading EQ assessment, The EQ-i 2.0.

EQ-i 2.0

The world's most trusted EQ test, The EQ-i 2.0, reveals your fifteen EQ components in five key domains of emotional intelligence.

Social EQ Testing

Take a deep dive. Uncover profound insights into your interpersonal and communication skills using our unique and revolutionary social EQ test, The A.R.T.


The Advanced Relationship Test (A.R.T) uncovers your 6 key relationship & communication attributes in 18 detailed areas of social EQ.

EQ testing uncovers and develops high performing people unlike IQ or personality testing

BuildsEmotional intelligence testPersonality test
High performance
Improved wellbeing & resilience
Team dynamics & detailed strengths & needs
Skills that can be compared over time
Skills that can be compared between people & teams
New awareness

EQ Testing Case Study

Andrew is a typical manager who fundraises for a charity. “He gives wonderfully engaging presentations to (potential) clients. He is passionate, driven & committed…; an outspoken character who cares about his organisation. However, he can react too quickly or sharply, is frequently loud and doesn’t listen well. He can be overpowering without considering his effect on others.

Andrew, Fundraiser UK Company

Age: 45

EQ-i Testing Results

EQ testing and analysis can seem complex but we decode it simply and powerfully for our clients.  A sample of Andrew’s pre-coaching scores below gives a sense of the insights, issues and potential that are uncovered.  Scoring 100 is the average EQ sub-scale score for people as a whole. Roughly 1 in 6 people score above 115 or below 85 for any sub-scale, indicating the kind of range for high and low scoring EQ scores.

  • Self-Regard 76.6% 76.6%
  • Self-Actualization 80.3% 80.3%
  • Emotional Self-Awareness 70% 70%
  • Emotional Expression Composite 77,3% 77,3%
  • Emotional Expression 74% 74%
  • Assertiveness 90,3% 90,3%
  • Independence 74,6% 74,6%
  • Optimism 82% 82%

The scores above indicate a strongly expressive, assertive person with a strong positive outlook, someone with strong extroversion & drives.

Sample EQ scores

  • Interpersonal Relationships 69,3% 69,3%
  • Empathy 59,3% 59,3%
  • Impulse Control 58,6% 58,6%

The three scores immediately above reflect empathy lower than most other scores.  This means they miss important cues or lack feeling for others. With the lower impulse control, this means they struggle to temper their drives and may overwhelm others easily.  As such their relationship skills are a key focus for them.


Andrew benefited hugely from understanding he needed to re-balance his EQ. By building his receptive nature, focussing on what other's need and uncovering the benefits of calming, slowing and listening, he was able to improve. He realised what he'd been missing out on especially his undesirable effects on others. He learnt to utilise his strengths more for empowering relationships and communication to engage people more effectively.

Our Coaching

Combine EQ testing with Leadership coaching or wider programmes for the greatest results.  Webinars and face-to-face programmes are available globally, though we're based in London, UK.