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Coaching Fees

How much does the best executive coaching cost and do you need the best?

Here’s a guide to coaching costs and evaluating coaching value based on expertise. 

Only you can decide the value of finding the things that serve you, drive you and empower you to succeed. These can depend on your role, goals and what you’ll gain by improving.

What affects coaching costs?

Life or Executive Coach

What type of coach do you need? Life coaches deal with, well, life and can cost anywhere up to a few hundred pounds /dollars an hour.  Executive coaches can specialise in the every aspect of work or business. Though clearly, we’re all human, so executive coaches also have to understand how to help you balance both life and work. Executive coaches have a greater depth and range of expertise and experience, so session fees are typically higher than life-coaching.
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Value to you

Ask yourself what your primary goal is for coaching and what it’s worth to you to achieve, both financially and in other ways.  Ultimately when we help leaders through a handful of sessions the organisations can profit many times the cost with clients acknowledging benefits far out-weighing cost. We help clients and organisations understand the return on investment potential.  The power of fine-tuning the performance of high-earners cannot be underestimated especially when they’re responsible for, delivering significant returns, many livelihoods, products or services.


Depth & breadth of coaches experience

Like most things, you have to pay for the best.  As a guide If you require the full range of corporate experience, business acumen, psychological understanding, perhaps mentoring, all wrapped up in a friendly but strong advocate for you, who has been coaching leaders for at least 10 -15 years, then be prepared to pay near the top end of the coaching fees mentioned.

Psychometric evaluations

Do you need comprehensive assessments?  If you’re working at a senior level, where the stakes are high, or have significant influence or where mistakes can be costly, then the answer is yes.  Sophisticated EQ assessments are brilliant at helping to align people to their roles and save a huge amount of time in the process. EQ assessments are trusted guides to deepen understanding and bring about change.  That’s why we use them.  Coaching conversations can take much longer to find the most powerful ways to engage and pin-point needs without such assessments.

Are you ready for Coaching?


Ready For Coaching Quiz

This is a free quick quiz to gauge how ready you are for coaching and change.

1 / 9

I enjoy learning

2 / 9

I am willing to ask others for help

3 / 9

I'm open to looking at my emotions

4 / 9

I feel motivated to make changes

5 / 9

I'm happy to put a little effort in between coaching sessions

6 / 9

I feel it's time to make some changes

7 / 9

I can trust an experienced coach to help me

8 / 9

I find following through with things difficult at present

9 / 9

I'm ready for coaching

Are you ready for coaching?


Our People

Our EQ expertise stems from having a depth and breadth of experience that draws on key business, psychological and psychometric disciplines.
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 EQ Development Services We Offer

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Experience an insightful and motivational speaker who inspires, educates and entertains your people


Develop business-focussed skills that focus on leadership, resilience and relationships

Executive Coaching

Immerse yourself in our unique approach to develop the awareness and resources to attain goals and new skills