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Coaching Fees

 How much does executive coaching cost and is it worth it?

Knowing its cost is not the same as knowing its value.

For this you need to uncover what serves you, what drives and empowers you and understand this in the context of your role, goals and development needs.

What affects coaching costs?

Life or Executive Coach

  What type of coach do you need? Life coaches deal with, well, life and can cost anywhere up to a few hundred pounds /dollars an hour.  Executive coaches have a range of skills and experience from the dynamics of working-corporate life and business as well as balancing life and work.  As such Executive coaches have a greater depth and range of expertise and experience. In addition coaching can lead to huge financial and performance gains so session fees are typically much higher (3 or 4 times the above) than for life coaching.
How we put together coaching programmes

Value to you

Know the value of what it is you want coaching for. Ask yourself your key goals and what they’re worth to you to achieve, financially and other ways.  And what would happen if you didn’t achieve these.  We help leaders grow and perform in ways that can be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions. We help clients understand the return on investment potential.  The power of fine-tuning the performance of leaders cannot be underestimated especially when they’re responsible for delivering significant returns, influencing culture, supporting thousands of livelihoods, products or services.


Depth & breadth of coaches experience

Like most things,  the best costs more than the average.  The good thing is, you’ll know if it’s working as you should feel its value pretty quickly. If don’t feel or see a difference in a few sessions, then it’s not working. Additionally if you require the full range of skills; corporate expertise, business acumen, psychological development, mentoring all wrapped up in a friendly but strong advocate for you with 15-20 years corporate experience, then be prepared to pay at the top end of executive coaching fees.

Psychometric evaluations

Do you need comprehensive assessments?  If you’re working at a senior level, where the stakes are high, or have significant influence or where mistakes can be extremely costly, then the answer is most definitely yes.  Sophisticated EQ assessments are brilliant at saving time and helping to align people to their roles. EQ assessments deepen understanding and help bring about much needed change.  That’s why we use them.  Coaching conversations can take much longer without them. Assessments and their analysis can add a few hours to the cost.

Are you ready for Coaching?


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Are you ready for coaching?


Our People

Our EQ expertise stems from having a depth and breadth of experience that draws on key business, psychological and psychometric disciplines.
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