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Leadership Coaching

Your Leadership Is Our Business

Our leadership coaching is a specialised form of executive coaching that builds the skills, mindset and behaviours of great leaders serious about their role.   As seasoned leadership coaches we combine emotional intelligence expertise with corporate experience and business acumen.  We’ll help you be more secure, aware, motivated, empowered, charismatic, focussed and engaging. Our leadership coaching is also exceptional at creating effective teams across diverse industries. Based in London, UK we coach face-to-face* or remotely globally.

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Leadership Coaching That Works

Leadership Coaching Builds …

  • Raise emotional awareness
  • Build self-confidence
  • Improve decision-making
  • Improve sense of purpose
  • Build reputation & political acumen
  • Enhance charisma & presentation skills
  • Remove limiting beliefs

  • Uncover your values
  • Build self-motivation
  • Work to strengths
  • Remove blocks to success
  • Prioritise & focus
  • Rediscover purpose
  • Get things done

  • Support & collaborate
  • Actively listen & feedback
  • Read non-verbal communication
  • Express & motivate
  • Build rapport
  • Manage conflict
  • Persuade & negotiate
  • Learn a resilience tool-kit
  • Build caste-iron resilience
  • Develop a sense of peace and calm
  • Understand coping mechanisms
  • Enhance positive beliefs
  • Help others thrive
  • Improve well-being and self-care

  • Perfect your leadership style
  • Align your goals, EQ and values
  • Build charisma & integrity
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Balance strategic & tactical
  • Develop career & stakeholder plans
  • Build effective teams
  • Understand team dynamics
  • Uncover strengths & blocks
  • Analyse group / team best fit, gaps & potential
  • Align to desired competencies
  • Build L&D plans based on EQ science
  • Build positive teams and cultures
  • Build team leadership programmes

Perfect your leadership style

We’ll help you hone your optimum leadership style by bringing out the best of your EQ so it serves your personality, your role and your experience.

You may have read about leadership styles, with some experts saying there are basically three; Authoritarian, Participative & Delegative. But really these are just 3 labels of different variations of assertiveness and empathy. Finding what combination works best for you is our role as eq leadership coaches.  This assertiveness: empathy balance is just one of many EQ dynamics we’ll help you uncover to optimise your leadership. We make sure you understand the territory of not just your work, but of the key factors at play that determine how you lead and work best.

Our leadership coaching is holistic – it starts and ends with what serves you.

Leadership coaching tools

Our coaching uses a wide range of methodologies, noted above, as well as tools dependent on the coaching situation and client.  Emotional intelligence coaches not only facilitate change and success for clients directly through these techniques, but we also can teach the same coaching skills to clients for them to use to better lead, succeed and engage at work. Here are just a few examples of more detailed tools we use;

EQ assessments –  Revealing your detailed EQ scores and analysis are the powerful first step to change. Read more here.

Emotional journaling – We show you how to nurture this daily practice & why it can make such a big difference during and after your coaching sessions.

Remote-coaching –  Though based in London in the United Kingdom, we utilise Zoom, Skype and WebEx to coach and collaborate with organisations & people all over the world which adds enormous flexibility to our work.

Psycho-physiological activities – Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, TRE are just a few of the incredibly useful mind-body techniques we discerningly recommend and use. We take great care to match approaches and tools to fit each client, as is appropriate for them.

Caution:  Be wary of one-size-fits-all approaches or panaceas. We carefully match how we work with our client’s needs.  For instance due to certain client’s emotional make-up or strong preference they may find it difficult to even contemplate meditation practices, to begin with. This may simply be a bridge too far initially. Knowing this in those circumstances has proven vital for certain clients who would otherwise have struggled & potentially become disheartened with generically devised approaches. One size does not fit all.

Our coaching style

Directive vs Non-Directive

Emotional Intelligence coaching works to bring out your best by fitting the coaching style to your needs. Coaching relationships are personal and can differ depending on things like needs, context and favoured way of working. For instance, you may prefer a more directive approach depending on how much and in what way you wish to be supported and encouraged. Directive coaching can feel more dynamic and push you. If learning is the key focus, however,  you may prefer a less directive approach where you are encouraged more to find your own way. This may help you take maximum responsibility for your choices and success, in the long run.

The coaching style may also affect the amount and type of contact between sessions. Generally, sessions every 7-12 days work well with some email contact, feedback in between. Don’t worry though, we’ll help you strike the right balance in the first few sessions.

Things that affect coaching style

Remember also that the optimal approach will be affected by many things including your role, needs, availability, workload, (project) time scales, work-life balance, the context of well-being, and your psychological make-up. Read more about the difference between coaching vs therapy here.

Coaching for women

We invite all ambitious women to explore EQ with us

We believe the quality of leadership within organisations has some way to go to deliver anything like its true potential. A key factor here is, half the planet are being held back, to varying degrees, based purely on their gender. This may sound a bit strong for 2022, but one look at women’s representation in the boardrooms of European and US organisations tells us all we need to know. And outside these geographical areas things can be even worse. What’s interesting is there is perhaps one stereotype that appears accurate; women have higher empathy than men *, on the whole. And goodness knows this planet can do with more empathy right about now.

Coaching is about empowerment. We want more empowerment for women and would like to facilitate more representative senior leadership and boards. EQ is a fabulous facilitator of this, raising awareness, personal branding, and importantly assertiveness. It’s been well documented that women too often have relied on ‘being noticed’ rather than setting their agenda. And many that do push harder, are seen quite differently than their male counterparts when exhibiting the same behaviours. Challenging gender stereotypes and entrenched beliefs is not simple. But being more emotionally equipped helps significantly.


* based on psychometric research such as using the EQ-i and EQ-i 2.0 comparative sampling of genders.


Coaching against prejudice

Similarly to women, the same is true for helping other’s labelled by archaic beliefs that fail to recognise equality and talent due to prejudice.  Each set of prejudices bring their own unique challenges.  We’ll help you navigate your challenges, build powerful self-belief and resilience and reach your potential. We also help cultures and leaders understand (their own) unconscious bias and emotional responses to automated thinking.  We challenge these creating positive conversations around issues and mitigate them.

Building Diversity

As our leadership coaching is powerful for finding one’s voice – it’s particularly well suited for those who feel they’re working against entrenched cultures, the odds, prejudice, or a lack of inclusion. EQ can reveal both a path to explore and the tools to successfully navigate it.

More on diversity & inclusion here.

Coaching in London, UK or remotely *

We work out of London in the UK and travel widely to sit down with senior leaders and support them wherever they are (not withstanding Covid19 restrictions *).  Where not possible or indeed sometimes preferred, we happily connect on zoom or similar.  Much of coaching was devised originally to work on the phone, so it’s well suited and works brilliantly either way.

Leadership Coaching

We guide you every step of the way so your leadership coaching experience is comprehensive, empowering and focused on what serves you most



Clarify your needs & issues using our thorough needs analysis


Initiate Coaching Programme

We structure your perfect programme & way of working



We assess, analyse your (team’s) EQ to baseline, strengthen & monitor



We coach you to model & build skills, positive habits, behaviours & outcomes



You develop, learn & grow in-line with goals & KPI’s (back to 1)

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