Executive Coaching

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a profound experience bringing leaders high performance & personal mastery. Our executive coaches are leadership experts, adept at building open, trusting & confidential relationships. Our specialised coaching process develops resourcefulness & skills where they’re needed most, fast. Our coaches will help you achieve whatever success means to you.

Executive coaching benefits

  • Profound insights using ei skills
  • Confidential, objective sounding board
  • Expert, compassionate executive coaches
  • Comprehensive leadership skills development
  • Expert coaching support & feedback
  • Focus on performance & wellbeing
  • Uncover passion & purpose
  • Proven methodologies to succeed
Executive coaching based in London

Our executive coaches

You are unique. We match your needs & goals to the executive coach, approach & programme that works best for you. [More].

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Russ Ayres
Vicky Clifford
Executive Coaching For Leadership

Executive coaching is an incredibly powerful & efficient way for identifying & honing people’s talent. Our clients & their colleagues often notice improvements almost immediately.

The more senior the role – the greater the potential

If an organisation raises the level of performance of their most senior people, this has a multiplier effect on the overall performance of the whole organisation. The more senior the role, the greater the impact of our leadership coaching on everything that defines high performance affecting stakeholders, communications, & relationship skills.

And as up to 90% of success in leadership roles is based on emotional intelligence skills*, it’s become clear that specialising in emotional intelligence coaching & leadership assessments is the future of high performing organisations. That’s why we’re a natural choice for management coaching & C-suite leadership coaching where performance improvements can literally transform a business’s fortunes.

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Coaching cultures create high performance

Our skills testing & coaching conversations are powerful at bringing out people’s best & for facilitating positive changes, so much so, we’re often asked to train managers & leaders on using these coaching skills themselves. They can then pass them on & create coaching cultures within their teams & organisations. These then become standards of good practice, something that’s sadly lacking in many organisation.


* according to the Harvard Business Review research into EQ.

What Makes A Great Executive Coach?


As executive coaches, we accept that trust is the cornerstone to all relationships, including coaching. We take your needs & our coaching seriously. We work with as your partner, one-step at a time to make sure you’re clear & happy about your coaching process.

Our coaches have at least 15 years professional executive coaching experience. They not only have significant corporate experience but are seasoned business people too.  Most of our coaches are based in London in the UK, though travel far & wide supporting clients. We’ve been using online coaching for many years which works very well.  Please see our Covid-19 announcement in Logistics below.


Coaching is a totally confidential experience. Even if sponsored by your organisation, be it for stand-alone or group coaching, our coaching relationships with a client remain confidential.  Of course whatever coachee’s might be willing to share often helps colleagues & the wider organisation too, but it’s your choice.

Taking responsibility

Coaching relationships are based on openness, honesty,  transparency & commitment on both sides.  Our executive coaches give 100% & expect the same from our clients. At all times, as our client, you should feel respected, supported & safe. We guide the process, the focus & decisions are your choices.


There are no daft questions, except the one you want answered, but don’t ask.

So get in touch

What's The Difference Between Executive Coaching Vs Therapy?
Future Vs Past

Executive coaching focuses on achievement & growth. It’s future not past ‘issue-focused’ as in therapy. Although issues & blocks are commonly uncovered in the coaching process. A great coach knows the difference & is able to safely navigate situations where issues arise.  Good coaches are clear about this, giving guidance where necessary.

Movement Vs Healing

Executive coaching is based on the premise that you’re committed & able to move forward. If a client has difficulties moving forward, the coach may refer a client for additional support, such as to a therapist or counsellor.  Our stringent coaching approach ensures we balance your growth, goals & wellbeing.  Our coaches also have therapeutic qualifications so they know the difference.

Logistics - Timing & Location

Timing & Sessions

For optimal working & results we recommend coaching sessions from 90 to 120 minutes in length.  We try & balance not being too prescriptive with number of sessions required with being realistic about what you wish to achieve in a given time.

Optimal coaching

We recommend effective programmes start with a minimum of around 3 or 4 sessions over a 4-10 week period with intervals of 10 days to 2 weeks between sessions. This helps build & maintain the dynamic nature of building positive habits in a trusted process.

Face-2-Face & Online Coaching

We operate executive coaching sessions face-to-face in venues around London, across the UK & further afield.  It’s important coaching is conducted in a neutral, relaxed, private & discreet location. We also coach online using remote platforms such as Skype, WebEx & Zoom.

Covid-19 pandemic update March 2020

Currently our executive coaches are only coaching online, which works brilliantly.  Professional coaching was in fact originally designed for the phone & is particularly effective now we can see each other & share documents easily too.

Ask how online coaching works

We understand that appointments can change, and whilst we do our best to offer flexibility, there is a minimum of 48 hours’ notice required to change or cancel sessions.

Leadership coaching programmes

Imagine your key people & teams were imbued with the leadership skills that mattered most – that naturally build success & positive cultures. Imagine developing the mindset & standards of high performance within your leadership teams. Our excellent leadership coaches are ready to work with you to do just this.
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