Executive Coaching

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a profound experience bringing leaders high performance & personal mastery. We build an open, trusting & confidential relationship with you. Our specialised coaching process develops resourcefulness & skills where they’re needed most. Together we build whatever success means to you.

Executive coaching benefits

Benefits of coaching

Our executive coaches

As you’re unique, we match your needs & goals to the expert coach, approach & programme. [More].

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Executive Coaching works

Executive coaching has been shown to be highly effective for honing talent within organisations. Coaching tools & conversations help bring out people’s best & facilitate positive change, so much so we’re asked to train coaching skills to senior people to help them manage & lead.

We think it’s important to not only develop leaders, but prove our it, so we use both qualitative & quantitative approaches & evidence to show the power of coaching;

We encourage our client’s organisations, teams & people to initially take our detailed needs analysis to understand & align expectations. We may  recommend taking performance & wellbeing questionnaires as well as our rigorous emotional intelligence assessments, before & after coaching programmes. In some cases we may recommend 360-degree feedback too.  This way we increase the quality of both our people development programmes & our ability to monitor them both quantitatively & qualitatively.

One step further

Up to 90% of success in leadership roles is based on emotional intelligence skills*.   That’s why we specialise in emotional intelligence coaching & assessments. In fact, the more your role deals with stakeholders, communication & relationship skills the more impact EQ coaching development will make. That’s why we’re a natural choice for C-Suite leadership coaching and receive exceptional feedback.

* according to the Harvard Business Review research into EQ.


Trusted by our clients: Our coaches have at least 15 years professional executive coaching experience.  Although based in London in the UK we travel far & wide to support our clients. We also use remote coaching.

Confidentiality: Even if sponsored by your organisation, our relationship with you is confidential, though whatever you’re willing to share helps the organisation too.

Coaching relationships are based on openness, honesty,  transparency & commitment on both sides. At all times, as the client, you should feel respected & supported & safe.

Coaching vs Therapy

Executive coaching focuses on achievement & growth. It’s not ‘issue-focused’, as is therapy, although issues & blocks are commonly uncovered in the process. A great coach knows the difference & is able to navigate situations where issues arise. They should also be clear about this, giving guidance where necessary.

Executive coaching is based on the premise that you’re committed & able to move forward. If a client has difficulties moving forward, the coach may refer a client for additional support to a therapist or counsellor.  Our stringent coaching approach ensures we balance your growth, goals & wellbeing.


For optimal working & results we recommend coaching sessions from 90 to 120 minutes in length. Effective programmes start with a minimum of around 3 or 4 sessions over a 4-10 week period with intervals of 10 days to 2 weeks between sessions. This helps maintain the dynamic nature of building habits in a trusted process.

Executive coaching often occurs face-to-face (or remotely using phone or Skype) in a neutral, relaxed & discreet location. We understand that appointments can change, and whilst we try to be flexible, there is a minimum of 48 hours’ notice required to change or cancel sessions.

Leadership coaching programmes

Imagine your key people & teams were imbued with the skills that mattered most – that built success & positive cultures. Imagine developing the mindset & standards of high performance. EQ coaching programmes do this.

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Whether or not you know what you want from your coaching experience, be it for you or your organisation, it all starts with a conversation.

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