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Leadership Programmes

Effective Leadership Teams

Leadership is the holy grail for human development.  However the critical skills needed to facilitate transformation through others are not readily understood or taught.  EQworks specialise in developing these individual and team leadership skills, which go well beyond team building. They cover a range of skills, improving behaviours and culture through people hone their leadership styles. 

If management is about directing tasks and more short-term tactics, then leadership is seen as more longer-term goals and the development of strategy and people.  Leaders therefore require a different skillset to managers. In particular leadership requires the ability to change perspective from the big picture,  strategic view to a detailed operational one and engage people in positive ways along a journey of growth and achievement.

The leadership skills needed to do this rely heavily on emotional abilities to manage perspectives, behaviours, relationships and outcomes so emotional intelligence development needs to be at the heart of leadership team programmes and team coaching.


Comprehensive Leadership Programmes

Our leadership programmes comprise tailored training modules, facilitations, and the key element of leadership coaching. Our highly effective leaders programmes blend individual and team development which;


  • Equips leaders with the skills proven to succeed personally and professionally
  • Reveals the EQ needs of groups and cultures
  • Embeds leadership skills where needed most
  • Actively builds trust & engagement in both the programme and colleagues.
  • Nurtures a collaborative supportive learning culture
  • Is cleverly designed, based on goals and EQ analysis

Schools of excellence like the London Business School acknowledge that emotionally based skills are often the missing link to leadership success.  And as technology advances and rates of change increase, this is becoming even more evident.  Our programmes are highly practical and goal-focused combining conceptual learning with its real-life application.


Leadership Programmes Details

Benefits For Leaders
  • Clarify purpose for individuals and teams, building emotional awareness and values
  • Work to strengths uncovering emotional strengths and vulnerabilities with EQ analysis
  • Empowering development plan created by tailoring leadership training and coaching to needs
  • Motivates self and others by building motivational, communication and relationship skills
  • Entirely confidential coaching – can focus on skills, resilience, career, work goals, awareness-EQ, success and more…

We run programmes for both individual leaders or teams and have seen incredible transformations through developing EQ skills for over 20 years.

Benefits For Teams & Organisations

Our unique approach ;

  • Cleverly aligns personal to work goals
  • Uncovers precise training needs, so people & teams know exactly what’s needed
  • Reveals current levels (incl. strengths and vulnerabilites) of leadership abilities
  • Monitors profound team dynamics revealing how teams work, interact & grow
  • Informs programme design, competency frameworks, succession planning, career support & more based on science, not hunches
  • Can be aligned easily to existing programmes, methodologies, cultures, KPI’s

Our EQ analysis and design process is profound. Taking this methodical & engaging approach can transform leaders and their team’s effectiveness, whilst being congruent with the rest of the organisation’s needs and processes.


Leadership Programmes FAQ

Building Successful Leadership Programmes


What about readiness?

Commitment and curiosity are important qualities for ensuring engagement and so the success of both the sponsoring organisation and participants.  Most important is senior leadership buy-in and participant self-selection.  We’ll share our experiences of tried and tested ways to build powerful programmes, though it’s you and your people’s commitment that makes the magic happen.


Can we help with your internal marketing?

Yes.  Though we’ve converted a fair few sceptics to EQ believers over the years, it’s best participants have a modicum of engagement before the programme starts. The great news is we’re adept at helping create buy-in and market the programme internally to stakeholders and participants from the start.


Pre-programme we can help you gauge or align interest using engagement (employee) surveys, interviews, discussion groups, marketing emails, or business case studies.  After a programme starts, we can use motivational talks, skills-based sessions, confidential one-to-one briefings to inform and gain feedback. These can all significantly help build understanding, consensus, and commitment.  By all means, ask us how they’d work for you.


How do we embed change?

With commitment,  comprehensive programmes, and guides we strongly encourage the daily practice of key techniques so they can support and enhance behaviours, processes, and functions. Combining training modules with EQ testing and coaching is the ultimate way to make sure significant developmental change occurs, which you’ll feel and others will notice.  We also use e-learning as quick reference refreshers and self-tests, where appropriate.

How long do programmes take (/to organise)?

Programmes depend on what you want to achieve.  Global dominance? This might take a few sessions.  Typically, we need at least a month or so for organising and planning a programme and agree on resources.  Programmes using EQ assessments require a few weeks further to build engagement, schedule testing, and feedback, and a few to take assessments, score, and analyse. We then require time for coaching feedback to take place. We align programmes to your expectations and needs and we explain how the process works every step of the way, so it works optimally for you and your stakeholders.


What prep work is needed to start?

On an individual level, pre-reading/videos, emotional & health questionnaires & EQ testing can be used to help participants consider their areas of interest and evaluate their wellbeing or potential to gain most from programmes.


For the organisation preparing for a programme, we can use our needs analysis questionnaires, (employee) surveying results, interviewing to engage and inform programme goals and design.



Our programmes are inclusive of all orientations, backgrounds & experience.  EQ and its testing do not discriminate and as the goal is always performance-based it’s implicit we treat people respectfully and as equals.  Though the more senior or relationship-oriented the role, the more impact our programmes can have as those roles utilise more EQ skills.


What about confidentiality?


The basis for all our discussions, agreement, testing, analysis, recommendations, coaching, and training is 100% confidential between participants and EQworks unless otherwise agreed beforehand.  We’ll agree on things such as the level of information sharing, so expectations are set & trust is built. We tend to mediate between sharing and confidentiality to gain the most appropriate balance.


Does location matter?


EQworks are based in London, UK. We regularly design, manage and facilitate programmes internationally. We also conduct webinars and executive coaching remotely from the United Kingdom depending on needs. The short answer is usually, no it doesn’t matter where you want training. However, during the Covid19 pandemic, this may vary. Ask us for the latest information on this.

Global Leadership Challenges

Knowing what matters

Leadership development does not take place in a vacuum.  The biggest leadership challenges of the planet affect us all; Organisational leaders need to be plugged into what matters. They need to understand, pre-empt and manage these well for long-term sustainability. Leaders need to see the big picture.  This is the highest form of leadership we strive to bring out in our clients through applying EQ principles.

Macro view

For instance, the wealth of the world has doubled in the past 25 years (according to GDP World Bank figures) yet are we more healthy or happy? It’s true we’re living longer but many issues negatively affecting wellbeing and fulfilment seem on the rise;

Obesity, violent crime, opioid addiction, environmental pollution, extinction of species.  These serious leadership challenges require increased awareness of how all things affect and are connected to each other. This ‘bigger’ leadership requires greater compassion for each other.  Without this, (wo)mankind will continue to lack an agreed, long-term strategic plan that truly serves both us and the planet.

Micro view

Organisations are under increased pressure to do more with less. The pace of change of technology challenges our need for control and to understand and adapt to change. Technology requires us to think bigger to ensure it serves our bigger goals. But it also puts emphasis on us understanding how to work best with it. At present smartphones and social media present a multitude of issues we simply do not have the emotional understanding of and we’re suffering as a result.  For technology to be the slave and not the master to our bigger strategic goals, we need to understand & work with it better.

In the 2020s people are still struggling to identify & achieve the things that satisfy them most, due to things like low self-regard, low self-awareness, etc. This leads to low life & work satisfaction levels.  Similarly, organisations struggle to find & retain the right people. Or they use benchmarks for competencies or success that fail to measure & deliver the performance required.  These are low EQ culture or skills issues and give rise to;

Higher stress levels, feelings of inadequacy, chronic illness, staff-turnover, sickness-absence costs, siloed-working & lower satisfaction, productivity, employee engagement & collaboration.  Developing your EQ is at the heart of understanding and remedying these very real day-to-day challenges that exist because of a failure to accept what people actually need to thrive.

Old thinking

Culturally human thinking has been too survival-oriented and so short-term and short-sighted. That’s no way to build effective societies. Governments & organisations often feel incentivised for short-termism with a ‘get now-pay later’ ethos driven by short-term goals, contracts, shareholder-market pressures, etc. It’s important to recognise that such approaches are based on fear and a lack of trust. As a result, people spend too much of their energy trying to control, rather than engage & in a ‘reactive’ mode, defending, hiding, excusing, and then dealing with the failings associated with this short-termism. These are inefficient & fail to serve us in the long term.

EQ solution

EQworks offers solutions based on what works for long-term performance, well-being & effective cultures.  We see human development & performance as going hand in hand. We encourage acknowledging & leveraging the power of our emotions and behaviours. We offer consultancy & support for new and existing programmes as well as ad-hoc support, ones focussed on individuals, teams, or organisations working as a whole.

How to build an EQ culture

We help people and their organisations understand their value to each other, build trust and work together more effectively. Positive cultures that use emotional intelligence programmes promote openness and sharing, joined-up thinking, self-management, the taking of responsibility which maximises both success and wellbeing.

This is a strategic agenda as opposed to remaining one-step behind, always reacting or treating issues as they arise. Piecemeal approaches that pay lip-service will not reap the type of rewards & are easily spotted by employees or customers so can further undermine authenticity.

Effective cultures need to be both authentic and holistic to put the right conditions in place to both trust in, & plan for, a better future. There is no alternative for long-term success.


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