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Emotional Intelligence At Work

Emotional Intelligence Training (EI or EQ Training) is a natural driver for all-round human performance, be it well-being, leadership, communication or resilience skills. Emotions are fundamental to us performing in areas of survival, decision-making, communication, internal and external relationships (understanding and trust) and emotions drive our learning experiences.

"Emotions dictate the value of our experiences"

Emotions drive survival communications decisions relationships

Understanding and managing emotions affects all areas of our lives and work. And unlike many training organisation that simply 'do' emotional intelligence training, we are EQ specialists.

Our EQ training courses offer profound insights, models of what good looks like and practical skills to develop improved management of emotions.  Through public courses or tailored programmes designed around your needs, emotionally intelligent courses are flexible and efficient at delivering positive change. 

Simply tell us what you need, what good looks like for you and we'll tailor a programme to make this happen. We provide introduction seminars through to master classes all around the UK and beyond, covering three main areas;

1) Strategic EQ Culture -helps you build Emotionally Intelligent cultures and training models aligned to values and competencies

2) EQ Team Building helps you build collaborative working in groups and across organisations creating efficiencies and minimising working in silos.

3) Personal EQ - helps support individuals gain the skills they need to perform, to cope, to thrive and to empower others. From leadership roles through to front-line staff, EQ works.

EQ Training for cultures and team building


Resilience Training

Empowering your people to not only minimise and manage stress, but flourish in times of change and challenge

Emotional Intelligence Training

Expert Emotional Intelligence Training in 8 steps

EQ Skills & methodology

We've combined the very latest evidence and research into our people performance programmes so our client's receive cutting-edge Emotional intelligence training programmes that deliver.

EQ Training Courses - Booking

Please advise us of any specific booking requirements as soon as you are aware of them - sensitivities, needs or potential issues. We do our best to take into account everything we can.

Please note that we require a minimum 28 days written notice to cancel a programme to avoid all cancellation charges.  WIthin 14 days a 50% cancellation fee is due unless within 7 days when 100% of the fee is due. We do our very best to give our best and to be flexible to your needs.


Last updated 13th January 2020.


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