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Introduction course

Emotional Intelligence Training

Flexible insightful workshops /webinars for 6 – 600 people

Emotional intelligence training workshops & webinars

Our Emotional Intelligence training courses / webinars are an insightful and practical journey of discovery into making our emotions ‘work for us’.  They’re thought-provoking and inspire and challenge on both an intellectual and emotional level. Designed to spark thinking in novel ways and encourage high-performance, they’re also a perfect foundation for building people skills and leadership development programmes applicable for both life and work.

We cram a host of practical skills and theory into this fascinating introduction. We’ll help you assess your own EQ and develop it further *. It’s fun, engaging and run in a sensitive environment without the need to share anything personal.  And unlike most EQ training it’s facilitated by an EQ specialist, not simply a trainer, someone who lives and breathes EQ daily. Courses are typically half to 1 day in length such as the public EQ webinars listed on the right. Longer masterclass workshops are available here.
*EQ assessments and coaching help embed learning if desired.

What you’ll experience:

  • Uncover the power of emotions
  • Practice mind-body connection
  • Learn the neuroscience of emotions
  • Practice proven calming & stress-reduction techniques
  • Learn vital insights of reading emotions in faces
  • Learn powerful 10 step process for greater self-awareness
  • Develop greater emotional expression
  • Understand how emotions affect communication
  • Learn the EQ-i 2.0 model of emotional intelligence
  • Take a self-test* of your EQ in 15 key areas
  • Create a plan to develop EQ skills you need most
  • Analyse EQ of leaders (video-learning)

Training details

Course - Webinar Background


Emotional Intelligence is just being nice to people, right? Absolutely not.  It’s so much more nuanced than this. Emotions are our key internal feedback mechanism. Emotions indicate, and help us facilitate change. To make the most of change, we need to understand and work with this mechanism.

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to recognise, discern between, work with, manage and express emotions appropriately, in yourself and with others, to support the quality of your thinking and behaviours.  Sometimes called EQ, it helps us understand what’s most important to us, to navigate our lies effectively to perform well and succeed.


Our approach is unique.  This great introduction course / webinar educates, inspires, challenges and teaches emotional awareness and management from different key perspectives. Unlike most which still focus somewhat on the cognitive, we teach EQ holistically. We focus on mind-body as well as cognitive-emotional development techniques.

Who should attend?


Do you have a pulse? Then this course is for you. In truth, sceptics are often converted on this course, but we’d prefer you to be curious already & ready to see yourself, others & life differently.

Course Length

This course now runs for a full 4 hours. We pack a lot into this seminar. On completion, you’ll realise not only how much we cover but also how much more there is to learn leaving with lots of food for thought & practical tips. 1 -4 day tailored in-house courses are also available.

How to get the most from the webinar / course

How to get the most from the webinar / course

To gain the most from EQ training we ask attendees to be open. We also provide a comprehensive EQ guide for before, during and after the session. Practicing key tools and techniques in the first few weeks after the session can make a huge difference. Combining this with EQ testing and coaching is the ultimate way to make significant changes you and your teams will feel and others will notice.


Attendees receive a pre-course questionnaire to help take stock and think about areas of focus.  We ask attendees to these bring along. But don’t worry no one has to share anything they don’t wish to.

Additional Option: Taking an overall or social EQ psychometric assessment provides a baseline of an attendee’s EQ attributes which can be developed further with one-2-one coaching. Any changes can then easily be monitored going forward.  EQ testing is not necessary for the course but helps embed learning.

Stakeholder engagement

When there are stakeholders or champions for a programme delivered in-house, the engagement and take-home can dramatically increase. We strongly encourage programme sponsors within an organisation to uncover their own EQ initially so they can see how EQ may be further integrated into cultures.

Want more in-depth EQ programmes?

In-depth programmes

Whether you’re looking for introduction EQ courses, webinars or more comprehensive programmes, we’ve got you covered.

We run tailored in-house EQ masterclasses (when face-to-face is allowed) as well as webinar modules online. Programmes can also include executive coaching that deepen and embed learning.

These ultimate EQ change-maker programmes combine tailored elements of training, EQ testing & executive coaching. These are profound leadership training programmes that bring out leadership skills that matter most for particular roles, people & their teams.

We can actually reveal often complex team dynamics & distil them into easily understandable insights & training programmes. EQ programmes leverage the psychometric tests that we use to uncover exactly what’s needed & also prove what’s improved.  Again, our approach is unique here, by utilising not one but two profound EQ psychometric assessments you & your team uncover both overall personal, as well as detailed social, attributes.


Online EQ Webinars

Online EQ Webinars

Since the end of March 2020, we started running online EQ webinars, where attendees sign in from a PC/MAC anywhere using Zoom.  We hope to start up face-to-face workshops again when safe to do so (hopefully Autumn ’21) when the Covid19 pandemic subsides.

These great online webinars run for 90 – 120 minutes and can be run as modules to build up EQ knowledge over weeks. They are interactive using chat, hands-up, thumbs-up, group discussion, group polls, slides, videos and Q&A. We also use the pre-course questionnaires and follow-up quizzes. People are often surprised by how engaging and effective the webinars are.

Ask us how online EQ webinars can work for you.

London Workshops - TBC

We’ve been running public face-to-face emotional intelligence workshops in London, UK since 2010. We’ve had to take a break since March 2020 because of the Covid19 pandemic. However, we will be back, hopefully in the Autumn of 2021, still in our excellent central London venues. Meanwhile, we’ve been tweaking our EQ webinars over the past year to be as engaging and interactive as possible. We have also managed to run face-to-face training programmes, where legally permissible, across Europe.

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Public EQ Webinars 

In-house EQ Training

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London, UK Public Courses

Starting back autumn 2021
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What’s special about our Training Courses?

  • Proven approach based on EQ skills
  • Based on science not guesswork
  • Can be aligned to role competencies
  • Cater to diverse learning styles and cultures
  • Practical, insightful, educational
  • Highly engaging expert facilitators
  • Flexible and cost effective

Key Training Programmes

 EQ services we offer

Motivational Speaker

Experience an insightful and motivational speaker who inspires, educates and entertains your people


Develop business-focussed skills that focus on leadership, resilience and relationships

Executive Coaching

Immerse yourself in our unique approach to develop the awareness and resources to attain goals and new skills