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Values & Diversity

Living Our Values of Equality & Diversity

EQworks’ entire business model is about bringing out the best in people. Compassion is at its heart but it’s also the best route to high performance.  Limiting beliefs are inefficient even harmful distracting us from a naturally inclusive, diverse world. Seeing potential means going beyond irrelevant individual differences.


Many organisations ‘say’ they espouse equality & diverity. We have to. To expertly help people and their organisation’s learn, grow, relate and thrive means looking for the best in all people, believing: If we each strive whilst helping others also, we all gain.
No-one can be left behind. That’s a waste of potential, lost opportunities. We each have varied but complimentary gifts and a part to play creating synergies with others. We all need each other more than we realise. We imbue organisations and society with this vision and know-how so it becomes a given, an inherent part of our lives and work.

Diversity & inclusion

Emotionally intelligent cultures, by definition, build equality.  There’s no lip-service, no add-ons. It’s simply build in.  Working with EQworks breaks down barriers, illuminates limiting beliefs & empowers positive beliefs in their place. EQworks.

Encourage people to

Do what they love
Love what they do
Thrive with their organisation
Practice a high EQ mind-set & behaviours

Values build success

Building synergy between people and their organisations boils down to building shared values and goals.

Philip Gimmack

Diversity Training

We build diverse cultures
We’ve been proud to work with many organisations to build awareness of, & support, diverse cultures & promote inclusivity. We work with government agencies & networking groups to empower ethnic minorities with understanding, the voice & skills to be resilient to take their rightful place in all areas of society & take advantage of all leadership opportunities.
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Let us help you put EQ at the heart of building greater equality, diversity and inclusion, where it belongs. It all starts with a conversation.

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 EQ Services We Offer

Motivational Speaker

Experience an insightful and motivational speaker who inspires, educates and entertains your people


Develop business-focussed skills that focus on leadership, resilience and relationships

Executive Coaching

Immerse yourself in our unique approach to develop the awareness and resources to attain goals and new skills