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Resilience Training

Resilience courses that build the mindsets and tools to thrive.

This comprehensive personal resilience training course takes you and your colleagues on a journey of self-discovery uncovering essentials to build stress management skills, coping and behavioural techniques.  These harness the natural power of body and mind to work together. Using the latest research you’ll focus on both cognitive and emotional skills to reveal how they work together. Who knew stress resilience training could be this fun to explore?

Stress management training that uncovers long-term resilient behaviours, deep insights and practical skills to deal effectively with stress.


Choose either public resilience courses in London, online resilience webinars or tailored in-house courses delivered wherever you want, across the UK, Europe and further a field. (Speak to us about our Covid-19 options).


Resilience Training Courses – Outline for Webinar, London & in-house resilience courses

  • Learn exactly what resilience is & how to build it
  • Learn to use our comprehensive 6 Pillars of Resilience Model
  • Identify your/other’s early warning signs of stress
  • Learn key factors that cause stress & how to better manage them
  • Learn; The Flow Principle, Locus of Control, Fight-Flight response
  • Learn advanced mind-management techniques e.g. positive self-talk

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Training details

Resilience Course Background


“Resilience is the ability to, not only cope but, perform at your best, personally and professionally, even during times of high pressure, change & adversity. “

In today’s fast-paced world, we experience great challenges, distractions, pressures & seemingly increasing rates of change. Technology increasingly pushes us to think, respond, take action more quickly & efficiently. The ability to maintain focus, calm & balance our wellbeing amidst these distractions & complexities is an imperative life skill.


Good news: Resilience is not fixed. It can be built. Resilient people perform well under pressure & bounce back more quickly. More effectively managing their moods, they react less adversely, communicate more clearly & build stronger relationships. They have higher levels of emotional wellbeing & ultimately help make working environments more productive & enjoyable.

Logistics - Live Courses


Resilience skills are important for everyone from front-line staff to C-Suite directors. The public course is a great introduction. We also tailor in-house courses specifically to your needs & contexts.

Course Length

Resilience workshops are designed for 1/2 – 2 days in length. The longer the sessions the more time participants have to reflect, learn, practice & personalise their experience.

Blended Learning

Resilience Training + Coaching

Want a powerful, more tailored stress resilience training solution?  We’ve found that using our due diligence process (please ask us what this means), our clever needs analysis & EQ testing tools, we can significantly help people & their teams cope & thrive well to deal with stress. By feeding back EQ scores & analysis in one-2-one coaching combined with our resilience courses, participants gain the best of both worlds – both personal, confidential support as well as group training. We embed more sustainable resilience & stress-management skills in such comprehensive programmes which can also extend to broader culture-change programmes for entire departments & organisations.

Why choose us?

Our stress-free approach

For wider programmes addressing group or organisational needs, we take into account your specific contexts, demographics, roles, cultures & more to make sure your resilience solution works for you. Taking our unique needs analysis enables us to hit the ground running when we discuss creating your perfect programme.

6 Pillars of Resilience Model

We’ve spent years honing our stress/resilience programmes. We distilled down the research & learning into one clever 6 Pillars of Resilience Model to make it easy & memorable to learn & build resilience. We think you’ll notice the difference it makes.

Resilience Training For Managers

Our stress resilience training courses are for everyone though we deliver specialised Resilience for Manager’s training too.

These include elements including;

  • How to spot & handle other’s stress
  • Pre-empting issues before they escalate
  • Providing tools for supporting direct-reports
  • Ways to help colleagues listen to, & support , each other more
  • Tips on stress-free working
  • Knowing when to refer people for additional support
  • Use of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP’s)
  • Other related elements

We always go through a thorough training needs analysis to help us, understand &, align to your needs.

Online Resilience Webinars

Online Webinars

Covid19 – April 2021 update: Our workshops & courses are currently being run online as Live interactive webinars, at present. Attendees sign in using Zoom.  We’re looking forward to starting-up face to face resilience workshops in our London locations when it’s safe to do so.

Our great online webinars run as single 90 -120 minute sessions or as several resilience modules that gradually embed building up knowledge over weeks or as ad-hoc sessions.

These are highly interactive sessions using polls, chat, feedback such as thumbs-up, group discussion, break-out rooms, slides, videos & Q&A.  We also use the pre-course questionnaires & follow-up quizzes to help embed learning and ensure the wellbeing of attendees. People are often surprised by how engaging & effective our online resilience webinars are and how well we tailor them to audiences and contexts.

Ask us how online resilience webinars can work for you.

LIVE Resilience Webinars
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We source great venues to choose from in London, around the UK and across Europe.

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We’ll support you every step of the way to achieve the training experience you need;

  • Excellent, comprehensive user guides
  • Crafted for wide-range of learning styles and cultures
  • Practical, insightful, educational
  • Brilliant facilitators with in-depth corporate and psychological experience
  • Flexible, cost effective courses
  • Fun, highly inclusive intelligent approach
  • Based on latest research
  • London based training, webinar or in-house choices

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