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Motivational speakers like Philip Gimmack are rare. Inspiring but also educating audiences to learn and practice emotional intelligence skills for life and work. As a motivational and emotional intelligence speaker his talks receive exceptional feedback and he delivers unique keynote experiences in London, the UK & beyond.

Motivational Talks on Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence talks and keynotes

Motivational speakers rarely inspire and educate in equal measure. Philip inspires thousands every year through conferences, networking events, workshops and keynotes with his ground-breaking talks on emotional intelligence.  

A leader in emotional intelligence he inspires by uniquely combining EQ concepts and practice in these thought-provoking and amusing talks.

He taps into his audience immediately and focuses on concepts like ; leadership, resilience, self-aware, self management, taking responsibility, managing our moods. He can have a profound effect on people, their teams and building positive cultures,

Motivational Speaking
Philip's talks range from 30 minutes to full training courses over several days! He has a way of helping people think and feel differently so they can personally grow and perform better. He helps them engage and communicate more powerfully in areas such as coaching skills, emotional intelligence, building resilience, employee engagement and leadership. His is a very real, from the ground up, interaction around emotions and their importance that applies to everyone and with minimal jargon.

Contact us to discuss tailoring talks to your needs and we'll send you a link to see Philip's motivational speaking in action. Here are some sample talks.

  • The hidden power of Emotional Intelligence
  • Why EQ = leadership
  • How and why EQ wins over IQ
  • 10 tips to building EQ
  • Emotions as the technology of change
  • Resilience in a nutshell
  • The resilient leader
  • Managing others- The EQ Key
  • Motivate yourself through EQ & NLP
  • Charismatic persuasion through EQ
  • Motivational goal setting
  • How EQ nurtures diversity

Focusing strongly on leadership, he empowers with his thought-provoking key notes.  They are aimed at self-empowerment, are fun and stimulate new ways of thinking.

What's interesting is that people can use specialist on-line EQ assessments to integrate with these talks and may then move on to training and coaching in self development skills based on emotional intelligence.

Philip also helps high performing teams to be more strategically aware, business agile and resilient.

We now know that organisational performance is won and lost based on a leader's

personal and social EQ!

Philip helps to focus on what's important, to re-focus and encourage bolder, more authentic behaviours and the building of powerful self-belief.

His talks re-enforce the belief that all performance starts with personal leadership and responsibility and uses an emotionally intelligent view of leadership to focus on exactly what skills and behaviours someone needs to make the greatest difference to their performance.

As an experienced change management consultant he has a deep appreciation  organisations and their people and how they work best together.

Community leader
Philip has grown his reputation as the 'coaches' coach establishing the London Coaching Circle in 2002 to inspire coaches and build the reputation of professional coaching through its 2000 strong membership.

Course Designer / Facilitator
As a pragmatist Philip has designed many of EQworks' coaching programmes and workshops utilising proven and cutting-edge techniques that build people-performance. These include Neuro–Linguistic programming , Emotional Intelligence , Cognitive Behaviour Techniques and the science of Positive Psychology.

Qualifications and Experience
Philip is accredited or certified in the following; NLP Psychotherapy, (MBIH), Advanced Diploma in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence coaching (certified on the BarOn EQ-i ® / EQ-i ® 2.0 ), A.R.T. of Empathy social EQ assessment, and is a certified wellness coach. He has worked with a diverse range of clients in banking, insurance, telecoms, recruitment, charities and most UK central government departments.

Philip is a highly articulate, positive, emotionally intelligent and perceptive coach and inspirational speaker. He brings keen insight, in-depth understanding of people-management and has a wealth of experience around peak performance. He believes that a strong sense of valuing self and others is the key to both sustainable people performance and fulfilment and has made this the founding principle for EQworks.




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Motivational Speaker - Philip Gimmack

Philip Gimmack

A motivational speaker who inspires & educates  based in London, United Kingdom.

Philip consistently receives rave reviews from his inspiring key note speeches and workshops. He demystifies Emotional Intelligence .

"Few motivational speakers on EQ engage and inspire so well"