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“Few motivational speakers captivate, inspire and educate audiences like Philip”

Motivational Speaker Philip Gimmack makes Emotional intelligence accessible and fascinating through highly articulate keynote talks.  His engaging style evokes curiosity, learning and fun focussing on issues like leadership that all can relate to.  He leaves audiences wanting more, inspiring and awakening them to the importance of EQ concepts and practices. His motivating talks can cleverly connect the benefits of EQ to the issues and contexts of an audience to be as relevant as possible. His passionate style uses simple yet poignant language and imagery sparking new thinking and imagination few international motivational speakers achieve.

Emotional Intelligence speaker, Philip Gimmack

“Brilliant and thought-provoking keynote speaker”

Emotional Intelligence speaker who fascinates and educates in equal measure. Motivational speaker, Philip Gimmack is highly articulate, perfect for networking events, team off-sites and conferences. Based in London, UK,  he travels far and wide delivering exceptionally engaging keynote talks.

    Want a motivational speaker who…?

  • Inspires trust in self and others
  • Creates impetus for culture change
  • Imparts powerful messages that stick
  • Challenges blocks to learning
  • Reveals unconscious limitations and overcome challenges
  • Transforms awareness and beliefs
  • Builds awareness of positive language and behaviours
  • Teaches frameworks and techniques for success
  • Encourages excellent leadership and collaborative working

Since qualifying as an NLP Psychotherapist over 20 years ago, Philip become fascinated by the lack of emotional education in life and work.  As a management consultant bringing efficiencies to businesses, he also saw first hand how this plays out and how much untapped potential people have.

His psychological and corporate experience give him unique perspectives on how businesses and people can perform better together. His motivational speaking combines imagery, ideas, music and humour in keynote talks ranging from 30 minutes upwards. Born, educated and raised in London, UK, Philip has travelled the world for work and play, and loves experiencing audiences of all cultures.  [Read a little more ].

“I love watching people’s faces as light-bulbs go on in their minds. They’re suddenly aware of something new, so they, their teams and organisations can now perform at higher levels. This is my goal.”

What's a great motivational speaker?

Motivational speakers, also called keynote or inspirational speakers create awareness, stimulate and inspire people. Their job is to form quick and palpable bonds with their audiences and inspire them.

Many think that motivational speakers purely boost morale or self-confidence, for instance.  However, the best motivational speakers are alchemists. They do far more.  They leave audiences with positive feelings and beliefs but also with something fresh, that can change how people feel about things or situations and to act more effectively in the future.

What motivational talks do we offer?

Emotional intelligence speaker

Philip’s motivational talks are framed around emotional intelligence and leadership. They’re unique and designed to gently educate in amusing and unusual ways and so spark new thinking. Keynotes can be surprisingly closely aligned to the audience’s interests, roles, backgrounds, experiences & specific context using our needs analysis process which you can try here, with absolutely no obligation.  Keynotes run from 30 minutes upwards, can be in person or online webinars with or without interactive screens, flip-charts, feedback chat and polls. Keynote talks are delivered across the United Kingdom and further afield.

Motivational talks include;

  • The power of emotional intelligence – Amazing breadth & depth of talk
  • Super-charge resilience skills – highly practical stress TIPS based on 6 Pillars of Resilience
  • Why every leader needs EQ – Essential TIPS & insights leaders will love
  • Engagement through EQ – The essentials of emotionally engaging people
  • Why EQ matters more than IQ – The How-Why EQ works with case studies
  • EQ – The new technology for change – technological challenges on our emotional needs
Tips for choosing a motivational speaker

How to find the ideal motivational speaker for your event

Clarify the purpose and budget It may sound obvious, but it’s worth taking a moment to think about, clarify and gain consensus for the purpose, learning, the context of the talk and your budget. We use a needs analysis process that takes just a few minutes to clarify your needs. We don’t charge for this service. Simply enquire here.

Assess the fit What’s the right mix for your audience – educational, inspirational, etc?  Talk to the speaker directly and ask them what they typically (love to) do.  Ask about their experience relative to the profile of your audience, type of event and your expectations for the event.  References and videos may help.  Most importantly agree on outcomes, timings, and benefits. Ask what the audience will learn, experience and feel.

Be clear about how the keynote talk is positioned within the organisation and how the speaker should blend within the event.

Location & cost Will the speaker travel to where you need them? Remember that motivational speakers who travel to and from your event will need to be paid for travel time, fares & potentially accommodation. It may be cost-effective to consider running multiple or longer training sessions if you hire a motivational speaker who is not local & may offer various options.

Logistics & timings Agree with the speaker on the set-up for the session such as audience numbers, room layout, use of props, mics, screens, introduction, and if the session will be recorded or filmed.

Training Needs Analysis

Motivational speaking across the UK & beyond

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