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Captivating, inspiring & educating audiences

Introducing or deepening emotional intelligence ideas & skills is powerful. EQ specialist Philip Gimmack has a way of using simple yet poignant language & imagery to engage quickly & deeply with his audiences. His easy yet highly engaging style connects with people & sparks new thinking & imagination in ways few speakers do.
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“Brilliant & thought-provoking”

Exploring emotional intelligence fascinates & educates in equal measure. Philip’s key-notes are perfect for networking events, team off-sites & annual conferences.

    Motivational talks that


  • Inspire trust in self & others
  • Create impetus for culture change
  • Impart powerful messages that stick
  • Challenge blocks to learning
  • Reveal unconscious limitations & overcome challenges
  • Transform awareness & beliefs
  • Build awareness of positive language & behaviours
  • Teach frameworks & techniques for success
  • Encourage excellent leadership & collaborative working
Philip combines 25 years of change-management & psychological experience giving him unique perspectives on how businesses & people work better together. He combines imagery, ideas, music & humour in talks ranging from 30 minutes upwards. Based in London he travels around the UK & worldwide.  [Read More ].

“My passion is to inspire EQ understanding. Every day I am reminded of how little we are taught about EQ & how much we’d all benefit from greater emotional awareness, expression & management”

What is a motivational speaker?
Motivational speakers, also called keynote or inspirational speakers, create, stimulate & inspire people. They form quick & palpable bonds with their audiences.

The idea of a pep-talk to boost self-confidence, for instance, may be familiar.  However, the best motivational speakers are alchemists.  They leave audiences with positive feelings & beliefs & with something fresh, that changes how people see or act in the future.

What types of keynote talks?
Philip delivers talks across the United Kingdom & further afield.  They’re framed around emotional intelligence & leadership, designed to spark new thinking.  The talks are aligned to your audience’s interests, roles, backgrounds, experiences & specific context using our clever needs analysis process.  Keynotes run from 30 minutes upwards, with or without interactive screens & flip-charts.

Talks include;

  • The power of Emotional Intelligence
  • Essential resilience skills for leading
  • Emotionally intelligent leadership
  • Engagement through EQ
  • Why EQ matters more than IQ
  • EQ – The new technology for change
How to choose a motivational speaker
Tips for choosing a keynote speaker:

Clarify purpose & budget Before you go looking clarify the purpose of the talk and your budget. 

Assess the fit Talk to the speaker directly and ask them what they love to do.  Ask about their experience relative to the profile of your audience, type of event & your expectations of the event.  References & videos may help.  Most importantly agree outcomes & benefits. Ask what the audience will learn, experience and feel.

Be clear about how the event is positioned within the organisation & how the keynote shoud blend within the event.

Location Will the speaker travel to where you need them? Remember that a speaker who travels to and from your event will need to be paid for travel time, fares and accommodation.   It may be cost-effective for you to consider running multiple or longer training sessions if you hire a speaker who is not local.

Logistics & timings Agree with the speaker the set-up for the session such as audience numbers, room layout, use of props, mics, screens & if the session will be recorded. 

Motivational talks across the UK and beyond

Birkbeck University of London
Department for Business Innovation & Skills
City University of London
Bio Lumina

“Amazed! Entered the session sceptical but left feeling refreshed”

Feedback from a few London talks

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