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What Participants Say

“I sent one of my staff on your Emotional Intelligence course. Before attending he was a little cold, uncaring. He believed work was there to be done, with little focus on people. Immediately after the course, something clearly had just clicked. It was remarkable, a reformed character. He then gained a new role where he applied EQ concepts and practice and became a much greater pleasure to work with.”

Clayton Smith

Head of Transformation, The Land Registry

Develop charismatic, empowered & emotionally intelligent leaders

Emotional intelligence Masterclass programmes are a journey of self-discovery to the heart of what makes you great and successful.  Unearth your true leadership style and strengths. Let us share with you the entire range of EQ possibilities using theory, techniques, TIPS, practice and in-depth EQ understanding. Empower your self-management, communication and influencing skills. Learn what great EQ looks like, how to recognise and build it and why it’s so powerful.  Learn fascinating ways to read people more effectively and quickly. Gather critical insightful information about people to help build powerful rapport and influencing skils.  Ask us about our unique training needs assessment to create the perfect EQ Master Classes for you and your people.

Emotional Intelligence Masterclasses are tailored to run from 2 to 5 days in length and can be run in-house or off-site locations.

  • Build significant self-awareness
  • Explore greater emotional expression
  • Learn the essence of motivation
  • Develop a more positive mind-set
  • Understand the significance of the body-mind connection
  • Practice resilience – calming techniques
  • Build powerful rapport
  • Learn to read hidden information in people
  • Learn powerful stakeholder skills
  • Learn the secrets to building trust
  • Practice listening-feedback skills
  • Understand how to harness positive beliefs
  • and much more

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Why In-Depth EQ Programmes?

Why EQ Programmes?

People ask: Why do we need a few days ‘just’ to learn EQ?  And therein lies the challenge. Once you experience the first hour of training you’ll likely never question how fundamental EQ skills are to success in life and work or why it takes a few days to start to embed them.

EQ skills sit firmly at the heart of effective leadership. Research* reflects that at least 80% of success in leadership roles is down to EQ skills. This should not be surprising when we understand that emotions drive our awareness & facilitate our values, beliefs and behaviours. EQ development naturally builds all-round human performance & wellbeing.

Your Attitude & Buy-in

Our EQ Master Class workshops can be game changers for management teams & cultures. But we need you to buy in & preferably your organisation’s leaders. Cultures are a reflection of, and created through, the behaviours of the most senior & influential people.  We can help engage your internal early adopters & champions to bring more EQ into your organisation.  The more leaders understand EQ benefits, the more able they are to motivate their colleagues to take part in this powerful culture-change programme.


* Harvard Business Review study

Course structure

In-depth EQ Masterclasses typically run from 1 to 5 days in length or can be broken down into half/day modules running close in time over several days or weeks. We’ll tailor the course for you with core elements to EQ learning outlined here;


Everything we think, say and do occurs through the filter of our self-awareness;
We cover key areas of emotional awareness & how to build it:

• Exploring emotions –  learning meaning & importance
• Motivating ourselves & others
• How emotions drive behaviours
• Continuous self-calibration & feedback
• Exploring core values – aligning to work and life

Body & Mind

Our bodies & minds are linked more than most realise. We help you understand this & build this connection.

• Body & Mind connection–experiencing & understanding the neuroscience



Calming & thus managing ourselves effectively enables not only ‘vision’ but connection to all key ei elements. For instance, this allows people to support & work well with others too.

• Importance of self-management
• Breathing techniques
• Uncovering our HOT buttons
• Building positive mindset & experiences


Most communication has little to do with words – we’ll show you what real communication is;

• Rapport-building using NLP
• Reading emotions in faces & voice
• Understanding our effect on others
• Learning to ‘magically’* read people’s preferred learning & communication styles

* – Ok so it’s not magic, just powerful

EQ models

Uncover the models, which we teach as standards of what good looks like for great behaviours & mindsets at work and in life. Once your people know the EQ  rules, they can work much more effectively, together.

• Learning The EQ-i 2.0 ® model & components
• Taking sophisticated online assessments to reveal EQ skills*
• Learning EQ strengths – how to use them more
• Learning weaknesses – how/where they hold you back – how to build/work around them

Social-Relationship Skills

• Balancing empathy v’s assertiveness
• Video learning –Studying leaders such as Trump V’s Obama
• What influences trust-building?
• 8-steps to great listening skills
• Practicing listening & feedback skills

Balancing Resources & Demands

• Knowing what stress is
• Dealing with stress
• Building resilience – using The 6 Pillars
• Understanding & building FLOW moments

Deepening Skills

• Creating goals/plans that empower
• Structuring effective goals using Well-Formed Outcomes (NLP)
• Gaining perspective with the Wheel of life/work
• Gaining collaboration using stakeholder-mapping / conversations
• Negotiating & mitigating conflict
• Delegating effectively



Philip Gimmack

Emotional intelligence facilitator, executive coach.

Philip is a leader in Emotional Intelligence development & receives exceptional feedback as both facilitator & motivational speaker. He develops people & teams focusing strongly on high performance & leadership. Combining both significant psychological & business-change experience gives him unique insights into managing change & high performance from both an organisational & personal perspective. Certified as an NLP Psychotherapist in 1998, he is a highly experienced professional coach, licensed to test & coach using the EQ-i 2.0 / A.R.T psychometric instruments. He also worked as a change-management consultant implementing systems & processes for many years.  Read more.


Embedding Learning

Building Significant EQ Requires EQ Tests

Ideally, participants take EQ psychometric assessments well before the sessions. Their EQ scores can then be analysed & their profiles created. These can be either presented & worked on during workshops or separately in confidential one-2-one sessions where participants are carefully taken through their results & create a development plan.

Masterclasses can utilise development activities that are either based on core EQ training modules or designed specifically tailored to participant’s personal & group scores & EQ dynamics.  This approach is highly effective at pinpointing needs & developing teams with exactly what they need.
Our comprehensive online EQ assessments look at both overall (EQ-i ® 2.0) & relationship skills (A.R.T.) respectively, something virtually no other EQ consultancy does.

Confidentiality & Sharing

Please note this is a fun, highly engaging & experiential programme, certainly not lectures or lessons in dry theory; far from it.  They are held in a confidential, supportive environment with both personal & group activities.  People do not have to share personal information unless previously agreed & sessions are carefully designed & organised to accommodate sensitivities & needs.  It’s essential we discuss in advance exactly how the workshop will work & take in a detailed understanding of groups & contexts.

Included: Comprehensive branded EQ Guide. This hard-bound workbook is excellent for learning, practice, notes & further development. Engagement & pre-course questionnaires may also be used which build commitment, look at well-being & encourage attendees to buy in, & engage both during & after sessions.

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What’s special about our training programmes?

  • Practical, educational, insightful, fun
  • Comprehensive content and guides
  • Crafted for a variety of learning styles & cultures
  • Expert facilitators – in-depth experience, both corporate and psychological
  • Based on the latest research
  • Flexible, cost-effective courses

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