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Goal Setting Training

Goal setting courses that inspire and focus on success!

Explore what brings success. What actions, mindset, key principles are needed. Then build self-motivation and self-management using this highly practical goal-setting training course. Arm yourself with the theory, techniques, inspiration and tools that give you and your colleagues the best chance of success whatever goals.  It’s a lively and interactive training course using a comprehensive step-by-step programme that builds self-awareness and confidence.  It’s methodical and entirely engaging with brilliantly explained steps that build clarity, motivation, planning skills, and ultimately success. We tailor the course perfectly to your needs.



Course Content

  • Learn do’s and don’ts of goal setting
  • Kick-start your motivation
  • Uncover your core values
  • Learn goal setting theory and essentials for getting things done
  • Learn practical models of SMARTER & NLP
  • Learn to use your ‘unconscious mind’ power
  • Build resources to overcome barriers
  • Structure plans that succeed
  • Grow your confidence



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Goal Setting Training Course Details

Goal Setting Course Outline


Focus is central to achievement.  Our success at bringing our values, mission-statements and projects to life depend on harnessing success-skills like goal-setting and planning. Life and work feel increasingly demanding, moving ever faster. The workplace has increasing complexities, information and pace of change. We’re being asked to do more with less, in less time and work at a computer’s speed.  How do we balance these? We need to know the rules for ‘what good looks like’ for motivating ourselves and others and getting things done. It’s never been more important to answer these questions:

  • What’s most important to me?
  • What are my goals?
  • How do I motivate myself?
  • How do I build a plan that’s most likely to succeed?
  • What are the best ways to support my success?


Our comprehensive goal setting training covers all these critical concerns. You’ll learn tools based on the latest success models; professional coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching. We use a variety of training approaches to engage all learning styles including an action learning approach. There are many practical exercises so you can start developing new skills and an empowering plan straight away.

Whatever you want to achieve this course will help you focus on what matters most in bringing it to life and work.



Goal setting skills are essential life & work skills for everyone from front-line staff to C-Suite directors. We tailor in-house training courses specifically to the needs and contexts of an organisation.

Course Length

Goal setting workshops are designed for 1 day in length. They can also be cleverly combined with other course modules (see below) with the goal setting elements used to help embed learning and change.

It’s also possible to run this as two half-day workshops, with specific action-learning exercises to complete in-between sessions to help embed learning & practice. This can increase the chances of making sustainable changes and lessens the impact of taking people out of the business for a whole day.


We travel far and wide delivering these courses. We also run them at one of London, UK venues if requires. They can be delivered for a large range of class sizes as needed.

Why choose us?

Comprehensive Approach

We address goal setting and achievement from practical, work and psychological perspectives taking resilience and wellbeing into account. Our considerable experience in all these areas helps us understand how to balance your needs to both achieve and thrive.

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We support you every step of the way to achieve the training experience you need;
  • Comprehensive content and guides
  • Caters to a range of learning styles and cultures
  • Practical, insightful, and educational
  • Highly engaging facilitators
  • In-depth corporate and psychological experience
  • Flexible and cost-effective courses
  • Fun, highly inclusive, and intelligent approach
  • Based on latest research

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