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Explore what brings success. What actions, mindset, key principles are needed. Then build self-motivation & self-management using this highly practical goal setting training course. Arm yourself with the theory, techniques, inspiration & tools that give you & your colleagues the best chance of success whatever goals.  It’s a lively & interactive training course using a comprehensive step-by-step programme that builds self-awareness & confidence.  It’s methodical & entirely engaging with brilliantly explained steps that build clarity, motivation, planning skills & ultimately success. We tailor the course perfectly to your needs.



Course Content

  • Learn do’s & don’ts of goal setting
  • Kick-start your motivation
  • Uncover your core values
  • Learn goal setting theory & essentials for getting things done
  • Learn practical models of SMARTER & NLP
  • Learn to use your ‘unconscious mind’ power
  • Build resources to overcome barriers
  • Structure plans that succeed
  • Grow your confidence



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Goal Setting Training Course details

Goal Setting Course Outline


Focus is central to achievement.  Our success at bringing our values, mission-statements & projects to life depend on harnessing success-skills like goal-setting & planning. Life & work feel increasingly demanding, moving ever faster. The workplace has increasing complexities, information & pace of change. We’re being asked to do more with less, in less time & work at a computer’s speed.  How do we balance these? We need to know the rules for ‘what good looks like’ for motivating ourselves & others & getting things done. It’s never been more important to answer these questions:

  • What’s most important to me?
  • What are my goals?
  • How do I motivate myself?
  • How do I build a plan that’s most likely to succeed?
  • What are the best ways to support my success?


Our comprehensive goal setting training covers all these critical concerns. You’ll learn tools based on the latest success models; professional coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence & Cognitive Behavioural Coaching. We use a variety of training approaches to engage all learning styles including an action learning approach. There are many practical exercises so you can start developing new skills & an empowering plan straight away.

Whatever you want to achieve this course will help you focus on what matters most in bringing it to life & work.



Goal setting skills are essential life & work skills for everyone from front-line staff to C-Suite directors. We tailor in-house training courses specifically to needs & contexts of an organisation.

Course Length

Goal setting workshops are designed for 1 day in length. They can also be cleverly combined with other course modules (see below) with the goal setting elements used to help embed learning & change.

It’s also possible to run this as two half-day workshops, with specific action-learning exercises to complete in-between sessions to help embed learning & practice. This can increase the chances of making sustainable changes & lessens the impact of taking people out of the business for a whole day.


We travel far & wide delivering these courses. We also run them at one of London, UK venues if requires. They can be delivered for a large range of class sizes as needed.

Why choose us?

Comprehensive Approach

We address goal setting & achievement from practical, work & psychological perspectives taking resilience & wellbeing into account. Our considerable experience in all these areas helps us understand how to balance your needs to both achieve & thrive.

In-house training

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Specialists in combining business & psychological training

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We support you every step of the way to achieve the training experience you need;
  • Comprehensive content & guides
  • Caters to range of learning styles & cultures
  • Practical, insightful & educational
  • Highly engaging facilitators
  • In-depth corporate & psychological experience
  • Flexible & cost-effective courses
  • Fun, highly inclusive & intelligent approach
  • Based on latest research

“Expectations exceeded!

“Expectations exceeded! The exercises really crystallised what I should do to achieve my goals. overcome challenges and succeed.”


“Goal Setting for Success was excellent & wished it could’ve been longer”


“Goal-setting workshop was detailed, tailored to the needs of our participants & engaging. It was very good…I would definitely recommend it to colleagues”

What i needed

“Exactly what I needed to learn (how to set/acheive Goals) – was very engaging & enjoyable”

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