Emotional Intelligence is at our heart - testing, proving and building emotional intelligence skills within organisations helping them flourish.

We build Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

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We've helped develop emotionally intelligent executives, high performing senior management teams and motivated thousands of people through our coaching, seminars and workshops.
An emotionally intelligent workplace is more productive, more enriching and more fun.

We've worked with dozens of corporate, public and third sector organisations to hone what we do best - build the skills that matter most for leadership, resilience and high performing teams.

What we offer

At EQworks, we'll show you simply and quickly how to build emotional intelligence from culture and values through to the day to day practical skills that work to build greater performance at work. These bring out the best in leaders, grow trust within teams and help relationships flourish, so organisations can change for the better. We are passionate about empowering people, relationships and organisations.

A passion for success

In the 90's the founder of EQworks, Philip Gimmack, worked as a management consultant implementing large complex IT systems, which often involved and affected tens of thousands of people. He noticed that the 'enablers' for successful projects and teams was more often than not down to the 'way' people were managed, how they engaged with each other and particularly stakeholder buy-in. And yet this was never a primary focus even though the same issues would occur time and again.

Emotional intelligence skills have proved themselves some of the most powerful enablers for success. EQworks' talented facilitators and coaches expertly develop leadership, management and executive coaching. We also explain how we use EQ skills in the way we work with you.  Our goal is to help our clients develop and thrive, quickly and for those they deal with to feel and see these benefits too.

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is proud to have worked with clients around the world and deliver EQ programmes in The United States, Canada, UAE, Cyprus, Luxembuerg, Belgium, German, France, Saudi Arabia to name a few.


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