About EQworks

Emotional Intelligence experts

Our goal is for you to bring your best to work. So many organisational and people issues result directly from poor Emotional Intelligence.  Let us be your guide, your partner to reveal & improve where needed most & so build powerfully engaging cultures.  Whether your goals relate to effective leadership, high sustainable performance, exceptional relationships or wellbeing, EQ works.

Why we’re different

Specialists in EQ coaching & development since 2006, whilst many others see EQ as simply an add on.

In-depth corporate experience including management consultancy, change-management & finance.

Research & development of EQ assesment tools, such as the outstanding social EQ assessment, The A.R.T.

Very few coaching consultancies combine psychological, consultancy, financial & EQ testing expertise. This rare mix means we’re uniquely placed to understand high performance & your needs from all key perspectives.

Tailored to you
We’re able to offer the ideal EQ learning experience for you from insightful keynotes to profound culture-change programmes by putting together the right mix of components to best suit your needs.

We test, explain, analyse & develop critical human attributes proven to create success.   Our training programmes are designed to teach the techniques, skills, behaviours & mind-set of high performance. We offer not one but two comprehensive EQ assessments revealing your overall EQ, using the EQ-i 2.0 & more granular social skills using the A.R.T.  No-one else offers these. We’re simply better equipped to help you.

Emotionally Intelligent process
We put you first. We start & end with your goals, needs, issues & most relevant contexts using our unique Training Needs Analysis approach. We then adapt our approach & language to your preferences & sensitivities.

Breath, depth & balance
Our approach is eclectic, pragmatic & flexible, encompassing psychological (NLP, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology), research-based (Resilience, 6 Pillars, A.R.T.), leadership (Coaching) & business expertise (Consulting, Branding).

We focus on balance, with one eye on the wider context of well-being & one on your success. EQ development is naturally holistic.

Our values and beliefs

All people are leaders to us.  We focus on bringing out your value & helping others do the same.  This is how it’s meant to be & it’s both efficient & rewarding. It’s what EQ means.

Our people

We have a depth & breadth of experience that draws on key business, psychological & psychometric disciplines.
Philip Gimmack

Philip Gimmack

Emotional intelligence facilitator, executive coach
Philip is a leader in Emotional Intelligence development & receives exceptional feedback as both facilitator & motivational speaker. He develops people & teams focusing strongly on high performance and leadership. Combining both significant psychological & business-change experience gives him unique insights into managing change & high performance from both organisational & personal perspectives.
Philip established EQworks in 2012 to conduct research & to develop EQ.  Having realised that EQ assessments did not reveal detailed social skills information,  he created The Advanced Relationship Skills model & test (A.R.T. ™) which uniquely uncovers detailed inter-personal (social emotional intelligence) skills.

Change-management experience Philip worked as a management consultant for Oracle, KPMG, Cap Gemini and Accenture in change-management implementing large IT projects. He developed a deep understanding & appreciation of how organisations manage change, use technology & develop their people, functions and processes to work best together. On realising that the ultimate resource, people skills, matter much more than technical or IQ skills, Philip intensified his focus on using human-change management to facilitate high performance & change.

Russ Ayres

Russ Ayres

Senior Executive Coach and Facilitator
Russ’s entrepreneurial spirit & experience give him exceptional insight into business & his coaching of clients. His passion & experience generate a compelling presence around him as a leadership coach & trainer-facilitator. The way Russ blends his passion for adventure & his independent nature provides his clients with a model of contemporary self-leadership.

While no stranger to taking risks in search of excellence, Russ provokes inspiration through well constructed questioning. He leads his clients to achieve significant behavioural change, taking charge of their own
incremental performance improvements.

Having a 15-year corporate career in consulting & training, including 5 years with McKinsey & Company, Russ has a wealth of experience in practicable leadership, drawn from his exposure to challenges &
change. Life in McKinsey was results-oriented & outcome focussed. This crystalised an understanding of high performance & corporate competence that helps Russ exceed expectations in bringing success to clients.

Russ describes his key qualities at work as; Insightful, Enthusiastic, Inspiration and Entrepreneurial. Working with Russ, we find him a wonderful oasis of calm & kindness.

Vicky Clifford

Vicky Shaw

Emotional intelligence supervisor, executive coach

VIcky brings immense experience to EQworks. A qualified & experienced psychotherapist she has been supporting people to bring out their best for many years. Her gifts go well beyond this though.  Having significant emotional & spiritual understanding Vicky supervises our coaching programmes and helps refine our training approaches and material.

Vicky has become accomplished in many diverse fields on her journey to becoming a highly insightful one-to-one facilitator & transpersonal coach. These include graduating from University in Architecture and Environmental Studies, working as a chef, living in intentional communities, qualifying & working as an attachment-based Psychotherapist & as an artist working in two & three dimensions. Vicky meditates, works with subtle energies & is committed to the expansion of her consciousness & to playfulness, peace and love. This enormous breadth of knowledge & personal experience is invaluable to Vicky’s work & her support of EQworks as facilitator & coaching supervisor.

Motivational Speaker

Our insightful and motivational speaker will inspire, educate and entertain your people


Develop business-focussed skills that focus on leadership, resilience and relationships

Executive Coaching

Our unique approach brings new awareness & resources as well as a laser-focus to achieve goals & build new skills