Emotionally Intelligent Values

Emotionally intelligent values are those which support sustainable goals aligned to what's most important to yourself, those closest to you, your colleagues and your organisation.

EQworks' mission

To empower human development and relationships so we ALL thrive and succeed.

To have EQ become an inherent part of human education as a way of being and doing.

Mission Goals

To build employee engagement by helping people work to their strengths, love what they do and serve organisations more effectively.

To help organisations find, develop and keep their star performers.

To help organisations bring out the best in their people.
To build more authentic, resilient and effective relationship and leadership skills.

To encourage the practice of emotional intelligence techniques and be able to prove the improved performance that they bring.

To provide workshops, seminars, extensive programmes and 1-2-1 coaching that educate, inspire, motivate and raise awareness in an open, flexible, sustainable way,


Core Values

Organisations that 'value' their people are sustainably more profitable, more customer-focused, more enjoyable to work at/with, more authentic to their stakeholders and have more engaged employees.

Gallup conducted the largest ever poll derived from over 100 million questions to find the holy grail of what makes for high performing and effective organisations. They created the Q12 questionnaire, which consisted of 12 questions that were virtually all centred around one essential question: 'Do you feel valued?’

Sustainable success comes from valuing people. It really is this simple.

Our 3 principles empower organisational performance, well-being, engagement and leadership whilst embodying the greatest of all human needs, to feel valued.

Value & lead yourself

 1. Lead yourself well – find and value what’s special about you and serve yourself for the long term

 Value and lead others

 2. Understand and manage what you influence -
We affect more people and things than we know

3. Value and support people.  Give people benefit of doubt. Treat all men and women as equals, equally deserving of your support



Diversity is an inherent part of our work. We help build inclusive relationships that are good for individuals and their organisations. We also specifically work with diversity networks such as, The 'Minority Ethnic Talent Association' and 'The NETWORK and The Sharing Information Working Group (SIWG).

Through diversity, cultural awareness and inclusivity, organisations are more likely to attract and better utlise the best people and have higher functioning teams. A stronger engagement with employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders is created when individuals feel understood and valued for who they are through greater cultural awareness.

'Sharing Information Working Group' Diversity Network
Building Resilience Workshop 'Sep'12Philip Gimmack leading at Diversity Day SIWG