Leading-edge training

Leading-edge trainnig is based on continuous research, latest neuro-science and tried and tested models like 6 pillars, CBT, NLP, Positive Psychology, Flow, EQ -i & ART models of EQ.

8 reasons to choose EQworks training

1. Comprehensive & Practical Training

Our training is always focussed on building enduring practical skills and competency. Nonetheless we do have a certain expertise in making the underpinning science and approaches easily understandable and relevant to personal and work lives.

These frameworks include the Six Pillars of Resilience Model © and the Emotional Intelligence testing.

2.   Cutting-edge research models

Our leading Six Pillars of Resilience Model © facilitates the simple development of coping strategies within the workplace and beyond. Our framework enables individuals to monitor and build every aspect of strong resilience.

3.   People love our workshops

Lively, fun and engaging, the excellent feedback we receive from our clients speaks for itself. We believe our positive style optimises the learning experience. See our testimonials.

4.    Emotionally Intelligent training delivers a wide range of fundamental benefits

Our emotional intelligence framework underpins our training which naturally develops people and raises the quality of traditional coaching and training to new levels. And because it's prime focus is on increased self-awareness and self-management EQ training builds core human skills that manifest in many different ways. Better self-management is a typical example of a key organisational goal.

5.    Flexible and cost-efficient

Because EQ skills are at the core of personal performance and leadership, focussing on developing EQ skills is an efficient route to promoting performance. EQ development is efficient by design.

In addition as the specific EQ dynamics of a group can be accurately mapped (using statistical mapping), this automatically pin-points where development is most needed and will have the greatest impact. This means we can accurately design a programme's structure to deliver the specific results you want. This is powerful programme design and allows us to offer agile solutions that systematically take account of client’s specific needs and objectives.

We are highly experienced at delivering to audiences from 4 - 400, at all levels and across the public, private and third sectors.

6.    Breadth & depth of experience

Having well rounded and experienced experts to facilitate is key but often missed by some of our competitors. Your facilitators should be both organisationally and psychologically astute and combine both project and people management experience within public and private sector roles. Our facilitators are just that, and are experienced in a wide range of psychological behavioural-change disciplines.

7.    High participant engagement through blended learning

All EQworks participants may have access to our educational and empowering e-learning portal for 12 months 24/7. With access to workshop materials, a comprehensive range of performance and well-being topics such as personal finance management, exercise, nutrition and mindfulness meditation, the portal enables a blended and supported approach that maximises learning and sustainable positive change.

8.  Bespoked E-Learning

We develop tailored e-learning programmes to meet your specific training needs and objectives in an engaging, cost and time effective way. Tell us about your needs.

You can have on-line learning modules specifically tailored and built to meet your exact needs. They can be stand-alone or for pre or post programme. This e-learning can be monitored and fed back automatically or given to individual participants (e.g. through quizzes) or to those overseeing the programme. On-line interaction is also possible between users on an on-going basis through supervisory roles or forums. We aim to be flexible to your needs and budget so here’s a word about timing and participant numbers.

Our on-line e-learning modules can be used stand alone or for pre and post programme support. They're specifically tailored and built to meet your requirements. Their use and interactions can be monitored and fed back automatically, given to individual participants or to those overseeing the programme. Real-time, on-going interaction between users is also available through supervisory roles or forums.

Read more about the e-learning portal here

9. Special needs

If your organisation or attendees has special needs, telling us immediately (at planning stage) allows us to understand and be sensitive to those needs and ensure all participants feel supported and have the best possible experience. These may be regarding access, dietary requirements or physical abilities. For instance some of our workshops ask people to do light movement exercises to experience the mind-body relationship. Please feel free to share with us confidentially.

Workshop logistics

Timings - Length of workshops

We offer flexible training workshops that run anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days in length.  We squeeze as much as we possibly can into the time available for maximum benefit but like to be clear with you from the start about what can be realistically achieved in the time available.  Clearly a 2 hour seminar is not going to embed practical skills as well as a 2 day workshop.

We also understand that those who can most benefit and often in most need are often those most pushed for time. To offer flexible learning, day workshops can also be split into 2 or 3 x 1/2 days over several weeks. Access to the e-learning portal for all workshop participants further ensures the learning experience is as effective and sustainable as possible.

Participant numbers

Programmes are incredibly interactive and engaging and can be very efficient in delivering knowledge and experience.
Typically they're run for 8 – 80 people. However, they can be run for audiences of hundreds, though clearly with less personalised attention as numbers increase there may be less take home and more facilitators may be advisable.

Clarity of needs and benefits

We like to undertake a detailed consultation (TNA) at the outset to ensure your needs and expectations are realistic, mutually understood and agreed. This also helps generate the best chance of success and measurable outcomes. That’s why we don’t usually charge for this service.


We are always sensitive to the needs of the attendees and the organisation and never advocate the sharing of personal information if it isn’t appropriate or so wished. Within our workshops we unfailingly clarify their confidential and sharing nature to build a positive group dynamic that is collaborative and supportive. We recognise this as a key component to a powerful workshop.

Equipment / facilities

To deliver on-site training programmes we will generally require the following and we can supply many of these items (where relevant) if specifically requested;

  • A flip-chart and pens and blue tack
  • A white screen /flat white wall
  • An over-head (so it doesn't get in the way) data-projector and connectable loud speakers
  • Microphone/speaker access for larger rooms
  • A sufficiently large, quiet, light (naturally lit) and well ventilated space conducive to learning
  • Theatre-style or cabaret-style seating
  • Easily accessible facilities- drinks, toilets etc.

Legal Stuff - copyright and cancellation

We like to keep legal stuff to a minimum but we feel it’s necessary to confirm our joint responsibilities and commitments.

All training and material used has been developed exclusively by us over many years. As such it is protected by strict copyright laws. It can not be copied or used even in part for any other purpose beyond the session prescribed by us. If you are looking for in-house trainer-training or wish to train the material yourself then we can help but you'll need to tell us in advance as we run separate, specially designed courses for this purpose..

Please note once confirmation of an event has taken place by us and a valid purchase order or email has confirmed this, a contractual agreement has been entered into.

Here's what happens if you'd like to cancel an event:  Longer than 4 weeks’ notice, that's absolutely fine, there is no cancellation fee. Within 4 weeks, 50% of the fee is payable except if within 14 days of the event, then 100% of fee is payable.

Please note we do our best to help and accommodate you if something changes so give us a call as soon as you think there 'might' be an issue and we'll do our very best to work it out with you.