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Emotional Intelligence experts at finding and developing high performers,building resilient people and teams and creating engagement in your people.

As Emotonal Intelligence experts, we design and run programmes that develop people's performance at work, leadership skills and build resilience and engagement.

We test and develop people's EQ through executive coaching and have developed our unique social emotional intelligence assessment that's producing quite profound insights into people's relationship potential.

Whilst some training companies merely 'do' Emotional Intelligence, we pride ourselves on our Emotional intelligence expertise and putting EQ first.  The focus is on practical training and coaching. This is what really matters and not simply understanding EQ theories and models.  Our team are both highly skilled organisational and psychological experts. We're happy to share the science behind what we do - we find Neuro-Science fascinating -  but it's building cultures and skills that matter most and producing results.

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Philip Gimmack
Founder EQworks
Emotional Intelligence Experts

Philip Gimmack

Philip Gimmack
Director, Emotional Intelligence facilitator & Executive Coach

An innovative, inspiring and seasoned emotional intelligence expert focussing on senior executives and teams.

PHILIP - Motivational speaker and coach


McKenzie Cerri

McKenzie Cerri
Facilitator, Executive Coach & Lecturer at City University

A highly experienced coach, passionate about supporting
transformation in people.

MCKENZIE facilitator and coach


Russell Ayres

Russell Ayres
Facilitator, Executive Coach

A highly experienced leadership coach and facilitator with 15 years experience at McKinsey. He is a natural and compassionate communicator.

RUSSELL - Facilitator and coach