Russ Ayres

Russ Ayres, leadership facilitator, NLP trainer and coach, highly experienced senior business consultant.


Leadership Facilitator

Russ’ entrepreneurial spirit, passion and experience, generates a compelling presence around him as a leadership coach and trainer-facilitator. The way Russ blends his passion for adventure and his independent nature provides his clients with a model of contemporary self-leadership.

While no stranger himself to taking risks in search of excellence, Russ provokes inspiration and leads  his  clients  to  achieve  significant  behavioural  change and encourages them to take charge and specify their own performance improvements.

Qualifications and Experience

Having a 15-year corporate career in consulting and training, including 5 years with McKinsey & Company, Russ  has a wealth of experience in practicable leadership, drawn from his exposure to challenges and change. Life in McKinsey is results-oriented and outcome focussed. Russ leads his clients through our coaching model, ensuring delivery that very often exceeds expectations.

Clients should prepare for substantial personal change as Russ will always go the extra mile for his clients.

Russ is a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer, practitioner and coach.

Career Highlights

2007-2011      Performance Unlimited    Coach, Facilitator
2003-present  Bondi Media Group         Founder/Director
1999-2005      McKinsey & Company    Team Development for Asia-Pacific
1998-1999      NCR (France)                 Business Consultant
1995-1998      Oracle Corporation          Business Consultant


Russell Ayres

Facilitator, Executive Coach