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 Emotional Intelligence training course

  • Be your best - Emotional intelligence skills build success more than IQ, education or technical skills combined.
  • Build leadership skills - This emotional intelligence course transforms managers to leaders by creating laser focus on personal strengths, inter-personal skills and resilience
  • Embed positive behaviours and culture -Learn a framework of high performance for cultures, teams and individuals
  • Develop EQ skills that matter - Our emotional intelligence seminars help you build powerful self-management, positive beliefs, relationship skills, motivation, collaboration and conflict mitigation skills.

EQ Training Course Overview

Experience our excellent emotional intelligence training course that inspires and is thought-provoking. This EQ training course is wholly practical, motivates and challenges on both an intellectual and emotional level. Our specialist EI training is designed to spark thinking in novel ways and encourage leadership behaviours building both success at work and for life.  We cram a host of practical skills and theory into this fascinating introductory emotional intelligence course. You'll assess your own EQ in detail to reveal your potential. Designed for a range of learning styles, you'll uncover how to read and interpret emotions, improve self-awareness and self-expression. We also reveal how emotionally intelligent leaders use their EQ skills and explore why EQ is more important than IQ. It's fun and engaging and presented by leading EQ specialist, Philip Gimmack, based in London, UK. (We also tailor in-house EQ training courses in the UK and across Europe).

Emotional Intelligence Course Outline

  • Learn what emotionally intelligent leadership looks like
  • Uncover the 5 key purposes of emotions
  • Explore the key aspects of Emotional Intelligence (EI /EQ)
  • Practice mind-body exercises including powerful relaxation techniques
  • Learn 3 significant stress reduction (resilience) techniques mastering emotions
  • Learn to read the key emotions in people and what they mean
  • Learn a powerful 10 step process for greater emotional self-awareness
  • Learn how emotions help you connect, persuade and manage people
  • Understand the importance of managing beliefs
  • Reveal how strong EQ is strong leadership
  • Learn the power of balancing empathy & assertion
  • Learn how EQ testing and models build self-awareness and high performance
  • Self-test your detailed EQ skills
  • Uncover your EQ strengths & development areas
  • Video-learning. Balance assertiveness & empathy. Model leaders such as Obama and Trump on their EQ skills
  • Case studies: How is EQ development used to build success in leadership, sales, recruitment and more whilst also saving time & money?
  • 25% off EQ assessments like the A.R.T. Emotional Intelligence test **

    Take home

    • Comprehensive user guide
    • A 4-point plan to develop your EQ
    • Lots of tools, ideas, new awareness and motivation
Our emotional intelligence workshops (eq training) are run in a safe, supported and confidential environment. By popular demand we are now running 1-day courses from January too.

**Uncover your EQ - Take the EQ Test to reveal your potential **

Contact us to learn more about EQ-i (R) 2.0 and (A.R.T.) assessments. We highly recommend them though they are by no means essential for this course. They can enhance your experience and tailor your development especially when accompanied by executive coaching (available at additional cost).

* We use the terms emotional intelligence, EI and EQ interchangeably. Strictly speaking EQ is the Emotional Quotient, a statistical number (uncovered through our EQ testing) with a norm of 100 across the wider population and it measures and compares EI attributes.

Tuesday 3rd December 2019  09.00 -13.00

Emotional Intelligence training course. Uncover powerful EQ skills in Central London, UK.

£185 + VAT pp. A packed 4 hour session, EQ user guide, motivation, inspiration & delicious refreshments all included.


Tuesday 14th January 2020  09.00 -16.00

Emotional Intelligence training course. Uncover powerful EQ skills in Central London, UK.

£285 + VAT pp. A full day's immersive experience, with user guide, inspiration & delicious refreshments all included.


Thursday 20th February 2020  09.00 -13.00

Emotional Intelligence training course. Uncover powerful EQ skills in Central London, UK.

£185 + VAT pp. A packed 4 hour session, user guide, inspiration & delicious refreshments all included.


Training testimonials from workshops in London and around the UK 

"Excellent, life changing skills and amazing"

"This is great stuff"

"Excellent delivery - very enjoyable thanks!"

"Not long enough - Brilliant"

"Excellent presentation - will take the (EQ) Test"

"This was an excellent session"

"Thank You! Food for thought - very interesting"

“Most useful - especially practicing and listening and giving feedback.”

"Inspired to do more fun feedback (with my team)"

"Absolutely brilliant - would love to see the slides"

"Excellent - very powerful"

"Very inspirational"


"...Fascinating stuff"

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