Emotional Intelligence Coaching programmes

Unlock your leadership potential, develop higher emotional intelligence and discover the benefits of an optimised EQ, with our flagship, emotional intelligence leadership development programme.

Emotional Intelligence coaching programme

Coaching is accepted as a powerful way to build personal and professional skills.  Emotional Intelligence coaching takes this one step further.  We offer two key programmes. EQ is the science of performance - plain and simple.

Two EQ programmes to choose from:

1) Emotional Intelligence assessment - overview

Test and receive feedback on your Emotional Intelligence components (EQ). Uncover the details of your EQ, distilled into five areas and 15 detailed EQ components that we know build leadership capability and success. Develop your Emotional Intelligence and you'll be working to your strengths. EQ coaching is designed around 'you' and the issues that matter to you. So whether it's empowering others, creating stakeholder buy-in or moving from managing to strategic leadership, Emotional Intelligence is proven to make the difference that brings performance, promotion, resilience and engagement,  That's a difference you'll feel and others will notice. Start your Emotional Intelligence coaching programme now. Contact Us. and take the EQ-i 2.0 today.  Please note you will receive your results only as part of an agreed EQ Programme.

2) Detailed Relationship skills assessment

Do you need to drill down to the most fundamental building blocks of your relationship skills?  The Advanced Relationship Test (A.R.T) is the most detailed Emotional Intelligence tool we know that focuses on social skills.  Read more about it here.

We guarantee that the insights and coaching you receive are second to none and our priorities are confidentiality and support.

Personal benefits

  • Learn about (your) Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn & practice cutting-edge EQ skills that are perfectly tailored to your needs
  • Experience confidential personalised one-2-one Emotional Intelligence coaching
  • Clarify and build your strengths to leverage your  "EQ Winning formula"
  • Understand how and where you hold yourself back
  • Overcome and better manage these developmental areas
  • Gain powerful insights & practical strategies to optimise leadership, engagement & well-being
  • Build more confidence, resilience, self-assuredness, persuasive-negotiation skills, collaborative skills, decision-making clarity, problem-solving quality, strategic awareness, greater promotion potential and much more (ask us about our case studies)

Organisational benefits

  • Is needs-based and skills-centred so only most practical skills and benefits are focussed on
  • Integrates flexibly with other leadership and management programmes and competencies
  • Provides a structured development plan and strategies based upon trusted research 
  • Incorporates the latest success modelling techniques - Executive coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) methodologies
  • This programme is at the centre of EQ Team Leadership and cultural programmes. EQ language and behaviours grow when supported by others sharing them

    The EQ coaching process
  • Take your Emotional Intelligence on-line assessment (10-15 minutes)
  • Undergo 90 minute EQ coaching feedback session
  • Receive personalised EQ hard-bound assessment - EQ scores, analysis and Winning formula plan
  • Work through your recommended development strategies
  • Learn to leverage your EQ ‘Winning Formula

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One-2-one EQ coaching 1-2 hours duration, 2-3 weeks apart. 
 Minimum 4 sessions recommended to embed change.

Who should take this programme?

Everyone, from the most experienced, senior directors to those simply looking to perform at their best, improve the quality of relationships and master their innate leadership strengths through EQ Coaching programmes.


“I have benefited no end from our EQ sessions”
SK, Programme Director

“The EQ programme has definitely made a big impact. I now feel more resilient and have ways of approaching conflicting situations”
RT, Retail Bank

"The organisation probably saved at least £20-30K in the past few months because of awareness gained through this EQ programme.."
MC, Interim Programme Director


Want to experience the Emotional Intelligence Leadership programme? Please contact us and read the Emotional Intelligence FAQ