Employee Engagement

Employee engagement programmes and seminars empower individuals through maximising their emotional intelligence (EQ). Increase employee motivation, satisfaction, collaboration, retention and relations with our kick-start, interactive, EQ employee engagement seminar.

Employee Engagement Seminars

Engagement means people are working well together

Our employee engagement seminars powerfully embed a strong sense of what engagement is and how to build it; It teaches the essential collaborative beliefs and behaviours that help;

  • show the positive effects of engagement
  • bring out individual and team leadership styles & creativity
  • uncover key values and drivers to engage
  • reading emotions in others
  • to use the power of language and behaviours to engage and persuade
  • understand the latest research into values-driven performance (motivate from 'within' not without)
  • learn the importance of open, supportive relationships at work

Where engagement sessions can be used;

  • Champion’s programmes
  • Building cohesive management teams
  • Motivating customer-facing employees
  • Management programmes
  • Cultural change initiatives

The seminar provides knowledge and practical skills that can bring employee needs and values into sharp focus and in-line with an organisation’s to improve self-management skills and performance through fresh thinking.

The engagement challenge

Organisations are not performing at their best. Employees feel increasingly less supported and fulfilled. UKPLC is losing £billions through rising staff sickness and staff turnover costs. As austerity bites, the focus on relationships tends to dry up and this causes a myriad of issues.

The solution

Employee engagement can be a key driver for employee motivation, satisfaction and performance especially when used in conjunction with an engagement survey. It can inform strategies and policy and help find some of the bigger questions that can unlock performance.

In our powerfully engaging seminar, we strip down engagement to its core components and reboot employee engagement through supporting individuals to understand, utilise and build upon their own innate engagement potential. This provides a great platform for sustainable engagement and increased productivity.


Engagement Seminar, Ministry Of Justice, London

Inside Track on Engagement


What is employee engagement? 

"It's when employees enjoy their work, know how it impacts their organisation and strive to perform for themselves and their organisation. There is a synergy through shared values and purpose
” EQ
works 2012.

Lack of engagement costs £B’s

6 million UK workers are actively dissatisfied with their job (24%). With dissatisfaction comes increased levels of stress (65% of UK workers more stressed and prone to illness than 3 years ago).

Lack of engagement causes stress & high staff turnover

Stress is now the single biggest cause of sickness absence. Sickness Absence costs the UK $16.8 billion a year and indirect costs stand at $8 billion a year. Inefficiency, poor management and staff turnover are unaccounted and monitored lack of engagement costs.

Is employee engagement a fashionable buzz-word?

In the past few years ‘employee engagement’ has become a buzz word with HR professionals and within leadership debates because of an increased awareness that without it, both employees and organisations suffer. As we become more aware and better measure its effects, we are seeking how to remedy and fulfil our work performance and fulfilment potential.

How do you untap the huge 'engagement' reserves within your organisation?

Together we create awareness of the principles of engagement, the power of strong, engaged relationships amongst employees and senior management as well as the issues and costs that a lack of engagement causes. Click here to speak to us about this.



2 hrs to 1 day

Who is this for?

Everyone from leaders to customer-facing staff who are keen to re-energise personal engagement

How many people can attend?

10 to 300 people

What our clients say?

EQworks gave an outstanding and energetic presentation of emotionally intelligent engagment delivered at the Ministry of Justice Employee Engagement Champions Day (to 70 Champions).. Philip’s presentation received outstanding reviews!
Rob Neil, Ministry of Justice Engagement Champions

"I particularly found Phillip Gimmack's session useful. It helped me identify qualities within myself and become aware of them so I could use them in this challenge (to create more engagement) - a new one for me."
London Court Service

Thank you, again, for your wonderful presentation at our CD7 and your contribution to our Engagement agenda.
Rhiannon Hayward, Strategy  Performance Officer, Ministry of Justice

Yep its official, the Champions Forum team love EQworks. Superb work today Philip. U took us all to the heart of engagement and offered us a GPS for our journey ahead. After the EEC workshop delegates were asked to complete an on-line evaluation questionnaire and 90% of those attending felt that Philip’s session was excellent or very good.
Head of MOJ (Ministry of Justice) Engagement Champions programme

"I found it very useful using EQ/NLP and how this can be used to understand more about yourself and also how you need to consider others when looking to engage"
Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust

"I learnt how using EQ & NLP …can be used to understand more about yourself and also how you need to consider others when looking to engage"
Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust