Leadership coaching in groups

Leadership Coaching using Emotional intelligence tests is a great way to develop your personal and social skills. Using the power of the group experience and in a highly cost-effective setting explore EQ awareness and grow strengths with others in a secure confidential environment.

Sharing The Coaching Experience

This powerful coaching experience allows people to explore their own personal EQ agenda by taking EQ tests and then work through their EQ profiles in a group training setting.

It's a step-by-step programme over the course of a day where attendees develop their skills and also learn from others' experiences.  Attendees immerse themselves in an emotional intelligence framework and practice and explore their leadership skills methodically establishing their optimal leadership style.

Working with others they uncover where they hold themselves back and where their greatest potential for growth lies.

With improved emotional intelligence they leave with a tailored and detailed plan to further improve key areas that might include;  'their brand', relationship or communication skills, their resilience, decision-making or ability to take action.

Training outline

  • Attendee's each receive personalised EQ-i 2.0® /A.R.T.scores, analysis, recommendations
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the powerful, practical EQ framework
  • A personalised bespoke plan of action based on attendee's WINNING FORMULA
  • Powerful techniques, insights to develop EQ components 
  • Understanding of how EQ skills connect to their leadership style, resilience, engagement & communication skills etc

The challenge

Enabling top talent to flourish is increasingly important and employees with low EQ cause huge often unforeseen costs including increased stress levels, inefficiency, poor performance and higher staff turnover. Good leadership is too often wrongly considered an ‘assumed’ skill.

The solution

Develop people to lead and do it in a way that is aligned to their strengths. People with higher EQ are more vital to an organisation than ever before as they understand and manage themselves, others and organisational needs much better.  The group setting of this workshop enables people to look at their detailed EQ but in a highly cost-effective and practical way whilst also sharing and learning from others..


Who should attend?

Everyone looking to explore their EQ leadership skills and are
happy to work in a collaborative confidential workshop with others


Programme is run as a one day workshop

How many people can attend?

Ideally this workshop suits 6 - 12 people 

Please note:
All participants complete a personal Emotional Intelligence test beforehand and receive their personalised EQ analysis report on the day (using the EQ-i 2.0® or Advanced Relationship Test - A.R.T.)