Emotional intelligence team building

Team building using Emotional Intelligence brings out the best in teams building and collaboration and engagement..Builds leadership, resilience and highly supportive group working.

Emotionally Intelligent team building

This programme hones high performing senior management teams so they work more effectively together through the practice of enhanced emotional intelligence. Tailored specifically to their EQ needs, we analyse both team members' EQ and the EQ dynamics as a whole. We therefore use EQ science to design the best structure for the programme; What's more, working in this way, we find that teams become fascinated by their EQ development and subsequently commit strongly to it and gain a deep sense of EQ understanding. This approach also takes the guesswork out of programme design.

Team building benefits

Improved levels of trust, clarity of vision, optimised working relationships, better communication, decision-making and better understanding of one another and their contribution to the team.

Build top performing teams with EQ

  • Identify both personal and team EQ competency strengths
  • Strengthen shared corporate (project) goals and values 
  • Informed & targeted learning and training
  • Build a team’s working dynamics and performance
  • Identify and bring out the innate strengths groups
  • Raise awareness of group stress-points and weaker areas of effectiveness
  • Build a common basis for trust and rapport, inimise silos
  • Develop standardised frames of reference for their development (the EQ frame of leadership)
  • Empower greater effective communication, collaboration and so engagement
  • Enable modelling and practice of ‘positive interactions’ in a safe environment
 - those that empower and reflect what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour
  • Empower and embed best practice EQ skills – 
 promote working to agreed competencies and standards of practice for everyday interactions (can be led by HR, senior management or the team themselves through consensus)
  • Understand and develop profund group dynamics - improve the 'fit' for new members, tasks or environments

Individuals need help honing their strengths and developing key competencies as do the teams they serve. It's incredibly powerful for all concerned to know what 'good looks like' and to have standards of 'high performance' that they understand and work towards. That's why EQ skills modelling is so powerful because EQ works to build performance.

Ask us for our 12 Step Guide to an Emotional Intelligence programme. We'll reveal exactly how we build comprehensive EQ programmes based on EQ team building.




Team Coaching logistics

  • Often part of wider programme (usually requiring min 5 weeks lead time)
    • Team members' EQ scoring and dynamics (2 weeks to organise and complete),
    • Stakeholder engagement (3-4 weeks)
    • Agree programmes details and deliver kick-off seminar
  • Regular coaching sessions (approximately every 1 - 4 weeks)
  • Tailored workshops

Who should take this programme?

New or established teams seeking to work well together. Those seeking high performing, resilient and highly engaged team working. Ideally suited to senior or project management management teams.


"I could not put a price on this [programme], but I would say that my developed skills mean I have improved my delivery... There is no question that XX Corp has got a great ROI from me by undertaking this..."

"This has definitely made a big impact. I now feel more resilient and have ways of approaching conflicting situations."