At EQworks we use success-led methodologies to bring together the best in coaching and emotional intelligence for programmes that build both EQ awareness and powerful practical skills

Identify the right people & right skills

We believe that if you recruit the right people, give them the skills that are shown to succeed, they'll perform well and the organisation flourishes. We help identify and develop your people using proven methodologies that have saved organisations £millions.

Positive and self-managed approach

These two overarching principles are proven to build people-performance. They're also the cornerstone to EQwork's positive, empowered, self-managed view of people. Our emotional intelligence training programmes are built around these principles and develop people in this way. In contrast to the age-old command-control approaches of getting things done, our approach is based on the belief that by valuing people and trusting them, this empowers them to succeed and contribute more.

Five frameworks for success

EQworks programmes' combine the most up to date research and models proven to drive 'sustainable' people performance. 

Frameworks For Success

Emotional Intelligence Executive Coaching – Bringing out the best in people is an art. These proven techniques built up over the past 30 years are collectively known as 'executive coaching'.

Emotional Intelligence models – Proven to be more effective at bringing success than your IQ, degree and technical skills combined, EQ competencies can we used to model the skills that work, find the best suited people and further develop these skills in them. We use two EQ models.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – NLP is the science of understanding how our mind works with beliefs, behaviours and language to bring about success (these techniques are incorporated into Goal setting, Emotional Intelligence coaching and Resilience programmes)

Six Pillars of Resilience Model  - Our easy to understand model for comprehensively building resilience is based on the latest evidence

The Science of Positive Psychology – A recently proposed and wholly refreshing view of human achievement rapidly growing in support. This focuses on a positive psychology of fulfilment and well-being, based on what works for people as opposed to focussing on curing illness (which the past 100 years of medicine and psychology has focussed on).  Find out more about our Well-being and Resilience programmes.

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