Resilience training

Emotional Resilience training builds 'iron-clad' resilience skills. Be resilient to perform at your best, even under high pressure, change and adversity. More than stress-management training. It's holistic prevention.

Resilience Training Programmes

Resilience training skills driven by emotional Intelligence get to the heart of stress prevention and personal management skills, both essential for building long term resilient behaviour. Based on proven methodologies you'll learn to utilise emotional intelligence, positive psychology approaches and our unique 6 Pillars of Resilience model. Resilience is a positive view of stress management.

  1. Building Personal Resilience – Typically a one-day stress resilience training programme (half day available)
    It can also be split over several sessions to allow embedding and practice of new skills.

  2. Resilience for Managers – Typically a one or two-day programme
    This Stress Resilience training programme focuses on the critical needs of managers in these increasingly dynamic and pressured times. It shows how to spot issues before they arise and how to build not only their own resilience but that of their people. READ MORE

8 reasons to choose our exceptional resilience training

What is Resilience Training?

Stress is the biggest cause for long-term sickness according to the CIPD 


Building resilience reduces issues with anxiety and likelihood of depression. This helps organisations mitigate sickness absence and improves the way people work together allowing for sustainable performance through better 'self-management'.

Work efficiency - People are being asked to "do more with less" at work. There’s less job security and the working week demands more and more time, giving us less time to release stress, be fit, and look after ourselves. With less time, relationships suffer, and we’re pressured to take quick fixes that are not always the best solution. Serving ourselves for the long term and maintaining satisfying relationships are key to our happiness.

Resilient people perform better in all they do

Skills that build resilience also enhance personal and group performance, so the benefits are manifold. Resilience programmes fit naturally with other performance and well-being training programmes.

Emotional Intelligence builds resilience

Our programmes specifically focus on Emotional Intelligence competencies which build emotional resilience. Few training programmes use such a wide range, and deep understanding, of methodologies.

The key emotional intelligence attributes that build resilience are;

Self-Regard, Optimism, Happiness, Stress Tolerance, Impulse Control and Flexibility.

In fact, simply knowing and focussing on these, and what they mean to you, helps raise the awareness necessary to build greater resilience and deal better with stress.

Using the '6 Pillars of Resilience' framework
We co-designed this powerful but easy to use framework 'The 6 Pillars of Resilience' © to help people build their resilience quickly and easily. It provides an evidence-based practical framework for building resilience and is based on the latest research around positive psychology and behavioural-psychological disciplines. It's a powerful backbone to our resilience training courses and is a fabulous simply guide for thriving day to day.



Resilience Training programmes - Testimonials


"This has definitely made a big impact. I now feel more resilient and have ways of approaching conflicting situations...I could not put a price on this, but I would say that my developed skills mean I have improved my delivery. Being more resilient and in a position to challenge and resolve at the time of issue (rather than accepting and dealing with it later.... no question that NBS has got a great ROI from me by undertaking this.."
RT, Programme Manager, Nationwide Building Society

Extremely useful and relevant to my personal and work life at the moment. Great presenters ... energetic, knowledgeable, articulate, original.”
New Forest District Council

“Philip, you deserve a huge thank you! You worked very hard for us and your delivery was excellent. I really enjoyed your session on Personal Resilience...very appropriate!”
Harrylynne Coleman, Ministry Of Justice, Shared Services Programme

The seminar about personal resilience and personal responsibility was excellent. Philip Gimmack had a good approach with the audience.”
M.Raj., The Network Chairman (cross government diversity group)

The course was excellent. The facilitator clearly had a passion for the subject that was infectious.”
The Home Office (UK Borders Agency)

Phil Gimmack delivered a very refreshing and informative session regarding Resilience which is very apt”
AMG, The Network