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Personal resilience training in London and UK wide. Offering highly engaging, comprehensive personal resilience courses. Proven stress-management models, techniques & practical skills. Build your confidence to cope with high pressure & change. Learn essential tools to be resilient. In London across the UK & in-house.

Resilience Training - Workshop benefits

Updated 23 July 2019

  • Gain a toolbox of stress-management skills ready to use immediately
  • Build your own plan based on 'The Six Pillars of Resilience ©'
  • Fully understand your comprehensive road-map to resilience
  • Identify your/others early warning signs of stress
  • Learn to feel more in control and focused, even when faced with great change or uncertainty
  • Learn powerful stress management fundamentals including: The Flow Principle, Locus of Control, controlling your Fight-Flight response, how to use more nurturing & sharing
  • Use positive mind-management skills: promoting positive beliefs, self-talk and optimism
  • Learn several relaxation skills such as diaphramatic breathing, and gain an overview of mindfulness

Every attendee receives a packed comprehensive resilience workbook with all the resilience tools they'll ever need.

Resilience - The challenge

In today’s fast-paced organisations and life-styles, each of us experience great challenges, work pressures and constant change. The ability to maintain focus, balance and well-being amidst these distractions and complexities is an imperative life skill. In the UK every year £Billions (some estimate up to 10% of GDP) is lost due to stress related sickness absence.

The resilient solution

Your resilience is not fixed, it can be built. We show you how. Resilient people perform well under pressure and bounce back more quickly. More effectively managing their moods, they communicate more clearly, build stronger relationships and have higher levels of emotional well-being. Our carefully crafted personal resilience training course focuses on key stress-busting skills and their underlying principles. You'll build your confidence, mental well-being and drive. We help build resilience for people, their teams and the whole organisation.

Resilience Training Courses in London, UK: Next public course dates:

Now with FREE pre-course questionnaire and comprehensive Resilience User Guide.

  • Wed 11th September 2019 14.00 - 17.45 in Central London *2 places available*
  • Tues 15th October 2019 14.00 - 17.45 in Central London *4 places available*


Resilience training for managers workshop

Our Resilience for Managers course is a one day workshop specifically designed to help managers create resilient environments for their people. It also focuses on spotting and dealing with the early warning signs of stress in others. We run this course in-house and tailor to needs of participants. This workshop is run in-house and tailored to client's needs for no extra cost using our special training needs analysis.


Last updated: 10th July 2019.

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Resilience training workshop, London, UK

Resilient Flower under pressure


1/2 to 2 days

Resilience attendees

For anyone wanting tools and understanding how to flourish in the modern working world.
Anyone with significant stress issues or trauma is strongly advised to discuss this before booking so we may understand the needs of, and provide the best service to, all attendees.

Confidentiality is assured at all times.

Number of attendees

Typical in-house courses- 8 people
Tailored in-house seminars can be created for up to
200 people

Resilience Training reviews

"You deserve a huge thank you (Philip)! you worked very hard for us and your delivery was excellent. I really enjoyed your session on Personal Resilience .......very appropriate!"
Annual UK Gov't networking Event,London,

" very interesting session, informative..going through a bad time so very relevant right now..keen to take techniques further..presenters were very good"
In-house tailored Resilience Training in London, UK

"I enjoyed the sharing of thoughts and experience..very good,will build on this "
Leadership Training -Resilience workshop, London, UK

"Enjoyed the session very much, very informative, extremely useful and relevant to my personal and work life at the moment...fantastic presenters made the session fun!"
In-house Personal Resilience Seminar, UK wide.

"Really enjoyed the session, very informative..more relevant than I expected. Great presenters, energetic, knowledgeable, articulate,(an) original presentation. 10/10!"
Talent Managment programme, Canary Wharf, London.

"I really enjoyed the session and found the subject interesting...Great style of presentation. Came across as really knowing your stuff"