Well-Being E-learning

Our bewellworkwell.com e-learning portal provides comprehensive, practical and educational resources as a stand-alone learning tool or as part of a wider programme. This flexible 'blended learning' approach can create more enduring and efficient development and save money.

Comprehensive resources - Integrated training

Our E-Learning portal provides substantial personal resources for well-being, performance and resilience in a highly customisable and flexible way. It can provide pre and post material for training courses, colleague forums, questionnaires and self-tests to inspire and track learning accessible 24 hours a day. Working alongside other training it can substantially re-enforce sustainable learning.


Blended learning using portal resources can streamline and support learning, standardise training and support work-skills and accreditations in a highly automated, and yet engaging, controlled and flexible way.


Expertise you can trust

Written by experts, based on the latest research practice our e-learning underpins the coaching and training used at EQworks.

Based on 4 cornerstones of methodology

Secure and flexible, the Learning Management System (LMS) delivers web-based learning of the highest quality.
No need for software or configuration. Bringing together the latest in EQ, NLP, Cognitive Behaviour coaching, Positive Psychology and latest research – our resources are tried and tested in key areas of engagement, well-being and performance. 

Bewellworkwell Portal Overview



State-of-the-art technology

The latest Learning Management System (LMS)


No software to install

Easy use

Username and password then click and go

High accessible

Access via the internet; 24/7; work, home, on the move

Versatile & engaging 

Multi-media resources- worksheets, video clips, podcasts, self-guided learning and help guides, personal calendar, latest health news, discussion forums

Easily maintained

Free technical support & upgrades 

Highly customisable 

Own-branding and resources available


Regularly updated forums, latest news, health tips and new materials, plus regular access to experts


It’s simple to use and serves two important purposes: 

Blended learning

Pre-course learning - The portal provides access to pre-programme material such as questionnaires (e.g. Pressure Coping Questionnaire (PCQ) for Resilience programmes) to enhance commitment to programmes and provide more personalised development.

Downloadable materials - All the worksheets we use in the training sessions are available to download from the portal- particularly good for those on the move or less computer-friendly.

Additional resources for all-round support

We believe in a truly holistic approach to maximise our programme's effectiveness and give access to related topics such as;

the natural environment, community relationships , physical exercise, nutrition, personal relationships and sleep, alcohol, smoking, physical health checks and managing personal finances. 

Bespoke E-Learning Modules

We also write tailored e-learning and feedback modules accessible through the portal.
They can be stand-alone or for pre or post programme and can be monitored and fed-back automatically or given to individual participants (e.g. through quizzes) or to those overseeing the programme. On-line accreditation programmes can standardise and simplify learning and be highly cost-effective.
On-line interaction is also possible between certain users via forums or one-2-one on an on-going basis through supervisory roles.

The possibilities are endless here so please contact us for more information.

Please note we have Dutch coaching support which can be found at;

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