Resilience for Managers

Resilience for Manager's training course. Tools and techniques for good stress management is vital for productive leadership of people. Here managers learn to build resilient behaviours in themselves and others. London and UK wide.

The benefits

Build all round self-management and enduring resilience whilst leading and managing others. This course includes many aspects from the personal resilience workshop (refer here to contents) but from the viewpoint of building resilience in others too.

  • Comprehensively understand resilience and the personal and professional benefits it brings
  • Understand its importance within the context of well-being and performance
  • Learn the 6 Pillars of Resilience© framework to engage and encourage self-management
  • Learn simple tips to identify & remedy the early warning signs of stress in yourself and others 
  • Discover the key behaviours of a manager that help promote resilience and raise performance 
  • Learn the role Emotional Intelligence skills have in building resilience*

The background

Stress is now the biggest cause of chronic sickness absence (CIPD ’11) and costs UKPLC billions a year.. A stressed boss will not manage well.  A resilient and resilience-trained boss can not only help others deal better with stress but also help them minimise it in the first place..

Resilience is the ability to flourish, personally and professionally, during times of high pressure, rapid change and personal set-backs. Resilient people bounce back quicker after set-backs, are better at balancing the demands of both work and life. Research shows they have higher levels of emotional well-being. Managers must lead the way in promoting such behaviours and positive working.

Resilience For Manager's Training – workshop outline

Resilience course overview - we tailor the sections below to your in-house needs

  • Explore meaning of stress and resilience
  • Leverage the body-mind link
  • Explore (interactively)
    • General and own causes of stress
    • Early (warning) signs of stress & effects on wellbeing and relationships

Resilience Framework

  • Overview & practical self-assessment
  • 25 practical strategies for building resilience
  • The physiology of stress -  ‘Freeze, Fight or Flight Response’
    • Relaxation  - How to switch it on
    • Relaxation techniques - exercise *

Coping Strategies

  • The main pressure-coping strategies
  • Solution-Focused Coping* and 
    • How to identify your preferred coping style *
    • The 7-Step Problem-Solving Technique **
  • Emotion-Focused Coping*
    • Emotional Intelligence overview
    • Creating resourcefulness
    • Building empathy in times of stress and conflict
    • The ABC of emotions *

Tips, tools and techniques for Managers

  • The effect of working in times of rapid change 
  • The role and behaviours of the manager 
  • Understanding people’s beliefs *
  • Recognising stress in others
  • Creating positive states * - Self-belief, optimism, re-framing, positive self-talk, thought-stopping

    Items below are additional in two day workshop **
  • Practice supporting your team  - worked case studies
    • A coaching approach – with the CIGAR model 
    • Simple to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques 
    • Case studies – how to manage challenging scenarios 
    • The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Stress Management Standard
    • Being healthy at your desk
    • Coaching for delegation and conflict-resolution

Half day workshop exclude starred items
* - one & two day only
** - Two day only

For in-house and public resilience courses




NOTE: The Six Pillars of Resilience© model was developed by Wellness Insights ltd and is co-owned by EQworks. 

Manage and lead through resilience training


One - two day workshops available in-house across the UK

Who should attend?

Managers and leaders looking to understand the world of resilience - build it for themselves and for all those they work with.

What our clients say

It was brilliant & well presented! 
Excellent tools and pointers –
L.R, Senior Insurance executive, London, UK.

… the message about personal resilience and personal responsibility was excellent. Philip Gimmack had a good approach with the audience –
M.R., The Network Chairman, London,UK.

Phil Gimmack delivered a very refreshing and informative session regarding resilience which is very apt –
AMG, The Network