Identify & Develop Top Performers

Put the science into effectively recruiting and developing high performers using Emotional Intelligence profiling

Recruit the right people

Do you know the skills that really drive performance? We do.

  • Find the emotional intelligence competencies that drive and inhibit top performance in specific roles
  • Identify employees best suited for roles and how close they are to 'fit'
  • Dramatically reduce recruitment and training costs
  • Reduce attrition rates
  • Build employee engagement
  • Gain profound understanding of your desired candidate skills' metrics
  • Target and effectively develop the key skills that are shown to matter most

Identify the hidden costs

80% of people leave organisations because of poor direct-line managers

The more senior a role the more vital emotional intelligence is to that role and so more valuable to an organisation. Low EQ managers are widespread and cost organisations dearly. Emotional intelligence profiling and coaching programmes can reduce both the direct and indirect financial costs of low performers.

In our work we hear "yes I know 'X' is not great with people but they get results".
I would question at what are the REAL costs though. They include;

  • Lost creative energy
  • Employees less likely to risk their best
  • The inefficiency of lost hours of miscommunication
  • The lack of business agility and lower engagement with staff, suppliers, customers
  • The effect on morale or the loss of key people, their skills and the loss of this investment
  • The lack of cross-fertilisation across the business as person 'X' doesn't like or share too well with person 'Y' ...

Low EQ bosses limit 'potential' and can cost you dearly.  The answer?  Test your team - build your team. Download two EQ case studies here.

Emotional Intelligence profiling


The sooner you find the emotional intelligence competencies of your top performers, the sooner you can recruit more of them

Modeling Success -  'The numbers'

Statistical modeling is based on good sample sizes. Effective samples start at around 50 to really understand your best performers. We can advise on smaller samples, it's just important to be up front about statistical significance and provability within a programme


Dramatically Reduce attrition

50% of all new division presidents In a large beverage firm were leaving after just two years. After EQ profiling was used to recruit them, this was reduced to just 6%.

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