Coaching Skills Training - Introduction

Coaching skills training teaches the fundamental building blocks to great communication and relationships. Offering invaluable insights and practical skills for building powerful rapport, listening and questioning techniques in a fun and safe environment.

The Benefits

  • Gain overview of coaching skills and practice
  • Learn and use the three key coaching skills
  • Learn rapport and trust building & why they're central to your success
  • Learn techniques to build ‘Active Listening’ skills
  • Learn a variety of powerful questioning techniques for different scenarios
  • Learn to build the basic competencies that all coaching and good leadership are based upon
  • Work better and smarter from now on

The Seminar Background

Building rapport, active listening skills and questioning techniques are the foundations to excellent communication and leadership. Our 'Coaching skills training introduction' allows you to experience the power and practice of coaching for yourself in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This is the perfect starting point for your coaching practice and essential for high performing managers.

The Essentials

Over 80% of staff turnover is due to poor line management. This is often down to poor communication and rapport-building skills. Coaching skills are the essential building blocks for better people management.

Coaching skills’ competencies are of increased importance in these tough economic times. Coaching skills build great working relationships and can dramatically improve the quality of communication, stakeholder engagement and conflict resolution. This builds high performing management and helps you to develop and retain your best people.

Note: To be proficient at using a whole range of coaching skills in a range of situations, it can take many months or years of practice. This introduction is packed with skills, theory and practice.



One -two days

Who should attend?

Everyone who wants to learn the essential tools for better communications.

How many people can attend?

Up to 14 people.