What's Your EQ?

Using the BarON EQ-i ®, the world’s most reliable and valid emotional intelligence (EQ) test, we measure and evaluate EQ before developing tailored programmes that build employee engagement, identify star performers, maximize resilience and ultimately, performance.

How to get your Emotional Intelligence tested

  • Take the online EQ test (15 min)
  • Receive EQ feedback session (90 min)
  • Receive EQ Programme and workbook
  • Work through EQ 'Winning Formula' with EQ coach (regular coachng sessions)
  • Collaborate on EQ interactive workshops on team EQ goals ( if relevant)


Your EQ and that of your team or organisation can be tested and shown in reports like these.

We can identify 'success-factors', areas you're holding yourself back and the one's which could be leveraged to greater effect through coaching and workshops. 

EQ programmes create 'Winning’ Strategies' that unlock EQ potential and maximise emotional intelligence.

Team Performance case study

"At least 40% of the variance in team
performance is down to EQ"
Research by Harvard & University of California.




A 1-2-1 EQ programme in 5 easy steps

Build winning strategies that are natural to you and you'll love using in our 5 step 1-2-1 EQ personal leadership programme.

For the team

Imagine the potential of discovering exactly where your team or organisation's strengths and weaknesses lie with the EQ-i ® emotional intelligence test and then applying this knowledge to create high performing, efficient, streamlined teams through emotional intelligence training.

We specialise in bringing the team together and bringing out their potential. Emotional intelligence leadership development is what we like to do most because of the significant and measurable difference we can achieve.

EQ Leadership is a trickle-down process. If you get your senior project/ management teams right, chances are the people they work with will also improve their performance in step.

EQ High Performing Teams programmes raise team spirit, mutual trust, group identity, group confidence to achieve, awareness of their and colleagues strengths , 'development' needs and much more.

To find out more contact us about our high performing teams development programmes.

Emotional Intelligence components

The Five key areas of Emotional Intelligence and the 15 components as defined below.

Sample EQ-i Report

Your EQ scores tell a profound story about how you use your EQ. A sample report summary is shown below.