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Free Emotional Intelligence Test

 Free Emotional Intelligence Test

This is a FREE EQ Test.  Your emotional intelligence capabilities dictate fulfilment & success levels. Pick a quiet moment and don’t overthink it.  This quick test is confidential and takes just a minute. 


Emotional Intelligence - Quick Test

This Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Test is simple and quick to take. It will give you an idea of your overall EQ (as a percentage) compared to others and takes just a few moments.
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1 / 28

I am sensitive to other's feelings

2 / 28

I find change difficult

3 / 28

I hit it off with most people

4 / 28

I don't feel emotions

5 / 28

I get offended easily

6 / 28

I get anxious about how things turn out

7 / 28

I get distracted easily

8 / 28

I don’t care about people

9 / 28

I doubt myself

10 / 28

I don’t understand why I behave as I do

11 / 28

My way is generally best

12 / 28

I don't know what people need

13 / 28

I tend to be on edge

14 / 28

I mis-read situations

15 / 28

I don't pay attention to how I feel

16 / 28

I feel uncomfortable in myself

17 / 28

I regularly feel stressed

18 / 28

I stay quiet sometimes when I shouldn’t

19 / 28

I pre-empt people's needs well

20 / 28

I'm self reliant

21 / 28

I'm good with people

22 / 28

I say or do things I later regret

23 / 28

I'm good at dealing with people

24 / 28

People trust me

25 / 28

I'm good at making new friends

26 / 28

People would say i'm a good listener

27 / 28

I regularly share my deepest feelings with others

28 / 28

I can think clearly under pressure

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Ready to take a full Emotional Intelligence Test?


 EQ tests are powerful for educating, developing and recruiting people. EQ is proven to drive high performance.


Full EQ assessments take around 20 minutes. Their scores and analysis give profound insights requiring an EQ expert to interpret and communicate to fully appreciate. They give statistically reliable results.  Whether developing your communication or relationship skills, improving decision-making, personal branding at work, building on career success, building effective teams or winning cultures,
EQ works.

 EQ Development Services We Offer

Motivational Speaker

Experience an insightful and motivational speaker who inspires, educates and entertains your people


Develop business-focussed skills that focus on leadership, resilience and relationships

Executive Coaching

Immerse yourself in our unique approach to develop the awareness and resources to attain goals and new skills