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Why do people take on an executive coach?

If you want to run the race of your life, it’s vital you perform at your best. High performing athletes wouldn’t dream of not having a coach. Want to understand if you need or should get an executive coach?

Check out 10 great reasons it could be the right time to get in the blocks and run your best race.

Do you…?

  1. Have important goals:  You want to clarify them, understand if they’re right for you, need to plan for them or be supported to achieve them.
  2. Desire personal growth or change: You have a strong desire to improve a particular area, such as your leadership skills,  your resilience or enhance your performance, effect high performing teams or overcome other specific challenges in your professional life.
  3. Feel stuck: You feel stagnant or stuck in your current role or career path, not getting the promotion you want/ deserve or  are seeking guidance to break through barriers and reach your full potential.
  4. Face new responsibilities: You’re transitioning into a new leadership role, taking on increased responsibilities, or navigating complex organizational changes, and you want support in adapting to these changes effectively.
  5. Seek greater self-awareness: You’re open to self-reflection and eager to gain deeper insights into your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and leadership style.
  6. Need to address current challenges: You’re encountering challenges such as big change, communication issues, conflict resolution, time management, or managing teams, and you recognise the value of external support in addressing these challenges.
  7. Want to commit to your self-development: You’re committed to investing time, effort, and resources into your personal and professional development, recognizing that coaching is a proactive step toward growth.
  8. Want to know how you compare to others: If a coach can say you’re in the top 5% of leaders in this way or the bottom 5% in that – and can statistically prove this to you – it’s a powerful frame for your development and for building on strengths. Coaching is also a great way to gain new perspectives especially around how others see you or how you come across.
  9. Want to lead…brilliantly: One of the most important reasons people take on an executive coach is to hone the skills of leadership.
  10. Want to be supported and stretched to succeed: You’re looking for someone who can hold you accountable for setting and achieving engaging goals, maintaining focus, and making progress toward your desired outcomes.

How do know if executive coaching is for you?

If you’re prepared to simply have an honest look at yourself, your existing beliefs, habits, and behaviours, and you’re willing to embrace change and adopt new strategies to improve your effectiveness as a leader, then executive coaching could be the best career decision you ever made.

The two most important qualities you need for succeeding in coaching are;

  • You’re curious
  • You’re committed to developing yourself


Take this simple Ready For Coaching Quiz below.  You’ll know if you’re ready for coaching and we’d be happy to discuss your answers with no obligation.



Ready For Coaching Quiz

This is a free quick quiz to gauge how ready you are for coaching and change.

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I enjoy learning

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I am willing to ask others for help

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I'm open to looking at my emotions

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I feel motivated to make changes now

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I'm happy to put a little effort in between coaching sessions

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I'd like to find out more

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I can trust an experienced coach to help me

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I find following through with things difficult at present

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I'm ready for coaching

Are you ready for coaching?